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These Veteran Hollywood Celebs Are Still Alive And Giving Their Best To Hollywood

The life of a celebrity is so ‘in your face’ and invasive, that we get to see even the tiniest detail of their lives. The media coverage never stops for them. But then one day when they get older, some of them may plan their retirement or find quieter activities to participate in. They slowly fade from the limelight to the point where you’re not even sure if they’re still around. So here’s a chance to catch up on these famous celebs from the past decades. What’s happening in their lives now? Are they still living rich or hidden away at some senior living community? No need to wonder any longer. Here’s where they are now.

Betty White – 96, $77 Million

Ninety-six-year-old Betty White still commands respect in the entertainment industry; getting acting parts and even being able to have her own show. Most of her fortune today was made from television shows and other productions over the years. She earned $75,000 per episode for Hot in Cleveland and $50,000 per episode for her own show, Off Their Rockers. Then add her earnings from the 1980s series The Golden Girls, movie roles, and the books she’s authored, it’s obvious why Betty is still such a beloved and famous character—who still gets paid.

Mel Brooks – 91, $100 Million

While many senior citizens were talking about retirement planning, not Mel Brooks. In fact, he loves what he does so much that he has never stopped working. He made his fortune through working in comedy and through brand endorsements. He has worked in virtually all the areas of the field – producing, directing, writing, and acting. Mel is known as one of the greats; a multi-award winner who puts in his dues and is now living in luxury in his $10 million home.

Kirk Douglas – 101, $85 Million

Legendary actor Kirk Douglas appeared in many classic films, like Ace in the HoleThe Way WestLust for Life, and It Runs in the Family. It is through these, in addition to the books he authored, that the centenarian has been able to live a comfortable life today. He has truly been successful and is the oldest living male actor to have received an Academy Award nomination. Kirk is also the world’s oldest celebrity blogger. We suspect that the secret to his long life has been sticking close to his elder care physician.

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