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Bugatti Has BANNED These Celebrities from Owning a Luxury Car for a Very Shocking Reason

One of the ways to tell how rich your favorite celebrity is by seeing what car they drive. Most of the A-listers have built their massive auto empires with cars that most of us couldn’t own even if we had that kind of money. Why? Because these luxury brands are extremely selective about their clientele to maintain a certain image in public.

And when you see your favorite star driving around in one of these brands, wouldn’t you associate it as the best in the industry? That’s exactly what Bugatti aims for when it comes to its celebrity sponsorships. The luxurious car company takes pride in having some high profile clients like Chris Brown, Jay-Z, among others. 

Once these superstars drive out of its showroom in a brand new car, the company expects them to upkeep their brand image by driving responsibly. However, that’s not always the case.

While many car enthusiasts assume anyone can own Bugatti as long as they have millions of dollars to pay, the company reiterates that’s not the case. Bugatti has banned many celebrities from buying and owning their vehicles due to some pretty shocking reasons.

Jenson Button

Button was banned from owning a Bugatti car again after he put his Veyron up for sale

The former car racer Jenson Button inked an incredible partnership with Bugatti back in the day after he bought their car and endorsed it to his fans. And of course, when fans see Button in a certain sports car, they automatically assume that it’s the best brand in the world. While many auto experts say their partnership was long overdue, they didn’t expect it would only last for a few short years.

In 2009, Button shocked the world when he put up his shiny Veyron for sale. The car racer only drove his Bugatti for 1,500 miles before deciding to give it up. And even though Button ended up earning almost $1 million from the auction, the action took his name out of the brand’s good books. Unhappy with Button’s decision, Bugatti revoked the car racer’s privilege of owning their vehicles ever again.


Bugatti banned Xzibit for two dire violations he committed against the company. Not only did he choose to put his car up for auction, but he sold it to none other than Floyd Mayweather, Jr, another one of Bugatti’s blacklisted customers! It prompted Bugatti to put Xzibit on their “least-favorable list.”

Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

Bugatti also banned Floyd Mayweather Jr. after he put up both of his cars on sale.

Like Button, boxing superstar, Floyd Mayweather Jr. was also banned from owning a Bugatti after he sold two of the brand’s cars. The renowned athlete sold his 2011 Veyron Grand Vitesse for an astounding $2.45 million.

Whereas, his 2015 Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse earned him a staggering $3.95 million from an auction. Bugatti is not a fan of celebrities who buy their cars only to sell them off later on, as it conveys an unfavorable image of the brand. The auto giant wants long-term customers in its client list who are happy to own a Bugatti for the rest of their lives.

Simon Cowell

Apparently, Cowell was banned after he didn’t drive his car enough

The famous star Simon Cowell also got a ban from Bugatti after driving his car for only 1,300 miles before selling it off. What upset the company even more was that Cowell rarely used his vehicle for six years and it ended up hiding inside his garage before he decided to sell it.

Flo Rida

Flo Rida got banned after getting involved in an incident

Flo Rida’s ban was a little unique from other celebrities. In 2011, Flo Rida got involved in an accident while driving his Bugatti under the influence. The sobriety test showed that the rapper was intoxicated while driving, making him a danger to others on the road. This prompted Bugatti to ban the star from owning their car again. According to the company, they want responsible drivers who don’t tarnish their brand name.

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise was banned after he struggled to open the car door at a red carpet event

Tom Cruise is known not only for being a brilliant actor but also for having a lavish vehicle collection. Bugatti apparently tapped him to feature their cars for his movies. While Tom Cruise paraded his Veyron in the red carpet of Mission: Impossible III, he struggled opening the door. This embarrassing incident prompted Bugatti to ban Tom Cruise because their car looked terrible in front of the public.

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