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From Gal Gadot to Johnny Depp: 4 Most Controversial Casting Decisions in Hollywood’s History

Most superhero films often get a lot of public scrutinity for their odd or unrealistic plots that are simply too ridiculous to be believable. However, there are times when movies are targeted by critics for a completely different reason: the cast.

Yes, there have been many instances when film projects have been slammed because the audience believes the brains behind the camera made the wrong casting decisions.

That’s why the role of the casting director is far from easy, unlike the common assumption that they just watch auditions of countless aspiring actors.

Being a casting director is actually not an easy role. You’ll have to think of the characters in the story and envision the perfect actor to portray the role that the audience will be able to connect with through the screen.

But despite the rigorous process, there really is no way that the casting panel can please everyone. There are countless instances in film history where critics were more than underwhelmed by the casting decisions, while others simply didn’t sit well with the audience for some reason. Here are some of the actors that landed with “wrong” roles and got a lot of hate for it.

Jake Gyllenhaal

Actor Jake Gyllenhaal may have a lot of awards under his belt including Golden Globes, British Academy of Film and Television Arts, and Oscars, but that doesn’t mean he can fit into any role he wants.

In the 2010 fantasy film Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, the 38-year-old starred as the titular Middle Eastern character, but although he probably gave it his best shot, he was unable to do justice to the role, and somehow the actor did not sit well with the audience.

This was precisely because Gyllenhaal is not a Persian, making it one of the most head-scratching casting decisions in Hollywood history.

An indie director, Jehanzeb Dar, even said in an interview that the role was both insulting to white people and Persians alike. The worse part was that critics didn’t find the film, which took inspiration from a video game, rather entertaining.

Gal Gadot

“Wonder Woman” star Gal Gadot at first didn’t impress fans

Admit it, before Gal Gadot starred as “Wonder Woman” you probably didn’t even know her name — but might have recognized her from her brief cameo as the heroine in Batman vs. Superman.

A lot of fans didn’t find her a good fit for the role after they saw her cameo, including director Patty Jenkins. Well, casting the best one to portray Diana, the princess of the Amazon, might be the hardest thing to do because you’ll have to think who will be worthy enough to wear her expensive bracelets.

Others simply wanted someone younger and relatively has a fresh face to become the superhero. But alas, we saw how awesome the former Miss Israel played the part and we clamored for more. As for the “Wonder Woman” filmmaker, she was blown away by the actress’ audition and the rest was history.

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp had some big shoes to fill in in his portrayal of Willy Wonka in the film “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.”The world knows how unconventional Johnny Depp is when it comes to acting, although more often than not, this works for him for some reason.

Thanks to versatility, he is able to land roles that people may never see another actor as fit for the character – sans for his Willy Wonka portrayal in the 2005 remake of the “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.”

Fans may already have a hint that the actor will be part of the cast of this classic Roald Dahl tale because he was close with Tim Burton.

However, it is also precisely because of his weird acting as Willy Wonka, who was supposed to look like a friendly and charming sweets connoisseur, that the character suddenly looked like a creeper.

Plus, he was easily compared to the original guy, Gene Wilder, who gave an exceptional performance in the first film. So basically Depp had quite a shoe to fill in.

Ben Affleck      

Photo: When it comes to “Batman” films, most fans have complaints about the actors playing the part – the latest of which was Ben AffleckWhen it was announced that Ben Affleck will play the caped crusader in the latest Batman film, a lot of people were quick to express their disinterest.

After all, Batman is a powerful icon in the comic world who needs the perfect actor to play the part – so nothing short of perfect is expected.

But when news came out about the Gone Girl actor being chosen for the role, fans immediately thought that he would have an older and bulkier look which isn’t suited to the character.

However, it seemed that the hate was mutual as Affleck had once said in an interview that he’ll be leaving the character after a few films because he was tired of it. Of course, the statement earned more ire than what his casting swirled in.

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