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Missy Elliott’s Crazy Love for Exotic Rides Will Shock You


Missy Elliott looks younger than her age! The rapper has commanded respect in the 90s and went on to churning out songs that competed fiercely with the male rappers.  Her album  Supa Dupa Fly debuted at #3 on the Billboard 200, something that a female rapper was unable to achieve until she came on stage.

She became the best –selling female rapper in Nielsen Music, won four Grammy Awards and sold more than 30 million records in America.

Away from her music career to what she looks collecting, Missy loves cars, and she doesn’t shy away from some of the most expensive rides on earth. Her mother once publicly complained that the rapper was spending excess money on cars.  The royalties have been flying into her account over the years, keeping Missy comfortable.  Some of the cars Missy bought are way out of many people’s league.

Her Spyker is one of the rare cars she proudly owns. Spyker has been featured in Fast & Furious 6, Basic Instinct 2,  War, and also used in Season 4 of UK’s Top Gear. Several of her exotic cars would turn heads whenever she rides on them.

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