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Pink’s Tour Plane Crash-Landed and Caught Fire But Here’s How Everyone Miraculously Survived

With a bang. That’s how the Danish citizens described Pink’s unforgettable performance in their country, which was a part of her Beautiful Trauma World Tour.

Despite some technical glitches during the concert, fans left the stadium satisfied with her all-out show that saw the artist dancing her heart out and doing crazy stunts like hanging from a harness.

Critics were impressed by the entertaining acts the celebrity and her team showcased, but not many people know that the performance happened two days after an accident that had her crew in a close brush with death.

The plane carrying Pink’s entourage caught fire upon landing

Two Days Before

The theatrical show happened just 48 hours after the mishap of her entourage. Apparently, the private jet carrying Pink’s team came from Oslo, Norway, one of the singer’s stops.

There were 10 people on board Cessna 560XL – seven passengers and three crew. The aircraft plowed through the Aarhus Airport in Tirstrup around 12:40 a.m. and caught fire as it approached the location.

Fortunately, there were no casualties or injuries due to the fire and crash. According to Live Nation’s ticket manager Kristin Svendsen, Pink wasn’t on the plane but confirmed that the hitmaker’s manager Roger Davies was on board during the scare.

The passengers were ushered away from the scene and safely taken to a hotel to spend the rest of the night, while the artist has yet to comment on the matter.

Meanwhile, this was hardly the first time an accident happened with an aircraft. Even other celebrities, who regularly fly to set locations, tours, and trips, have had death scares at some point, but thankfully, they manage to walk away from the incident with only a few injuries and more importantly, alive.

Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford’s plane crashed on a Santa Monica-golf course

Harrison Ford is known for his Indiana Jones films, but in reality, the star is also as adventurous as his character. He is a known fan of airplanes but in 2015, he found himself in an accident after his vintage plane crashed into a golf course in Santa Monica because of engine failure shortly after taking off from Venice, California.

The celebrity was the only person aboard and the drop was from about 3,000 feet, which had left him with a big scalp laceration and broken bones. According to witnesses, the 77-year-old was quick to think to ram into the open space instead of busy developed areas nearby.


U2’s Bono, meanwhile, suffered incident mid-air aboard his private aircraft. In 2014, the musician was on a two-hour plane ride when the door was suddenly torn away.

He wasn’t traveling with other bandmates the Edge, Adam Clayton, and Larry Mullen because he was going to attend a very important event.

Apparently, the passengers heard a loud thud from the rear but still managed to land at the Berlin airport. Apart from the plane, some of the luggage had fallen.

Travis Barker

Because of his fear of flying, Travis Barker didn’t join Blink 182’s Australia legs of the tour

Travis Barker, Blink 182’s drummer, also suffered a traumatic accident that claimed the lives of his assistant and security guard.

In an interview, he recalled how the fire engulfed his body and left him paralyzed with fear for the rest of his life. Surviving the tragedy meant undergoing 27 stitches and having a fear of flying.

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