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Someone Stole Lupita Nyong’o’s $150,000 Oscar Dress, But A Week Later THIS Happened!

The renowned Black Panther actress Lupita Nyong’o revealed that she once lost a very expensive dress with an astounding $150,000 price tag. She was supposed to wear the stunning piece to the prestigious Oscars Awards. However, she had to find a replacement at the very last minute since someone conveniently stole the expensive dress before she could even show it off to the public. 

But if that surprised you, wait till you hear what the thief did after stealing the luxury gown. Lupita was shocked when the stolen dress was returned to her just a week later! How did this happen and why did the thief have a sudden change of heart? Here are the details of this bizarre incident.

The Incident

Last February, Lupita Nyong’o hotel room was ransacked while the stunning actress was staying at The London Hotel in West Hollywood. The thieves had allegedly been keeping tabs on her for a while and found the opportunity to break into her hotel room between 8am-9pm, while she was out having dinner with friends.

Among many of the precious belongings that were stolen from her was a very expensive gown, reportedly adorned with pearls and other gems. The masterpiece was from Calvin Klein’s coveted collection — no wonder the dress had such an outrageous price tag!

Lupita wore the

Lupita wore the Calvin Klein gown after it was returned to her a week after the incident.

However, one of the unidentified suspects thought that the dress was made out of fake pearls which is why they returned the dress and have it stashed on the actress’ bathroom a week later. The gown made by Francisco Costa stirred a buzz on social media with some claiming that Lupita wasn’t being honest about the dress’ actual price since the gems weren’t real. But as to whether or not the gown was fake, the authorities kept mum about the issue.

The Happiness

Lupita considers the gown a timeless piece of art she’ll forever treasure despite the incident that transpired over it

Another bizarre incident regarding this theft occurred when the suspect called the TMZ to inform them they already returned Lupita’s dress! Despite the fact that the thieves stole from her and breached her privacy, Lupita was thankful to them for returning her dress.

According to her, she values the dress so much because she considers it as a priceless piece of art. Meanwhile, experts said the gown could’ve been sold in a black market auction for an astounding $150,000 only if the thieves had been smart enough to realize that the pearls on the dress were actually real!

Case Closed

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Police Department told TMZ they closed the case as soon as the thieves returned their stolen item. According to the authorities, both the Calvin Klein company and Lupita Nyong’o didn’t wish to pursue the case against the perpetrators. 

The renowned actress revealed that she’s already content to have her stunning dress back. Meanwhile, the management declined to state the reason why they didn’t pursue the suspects except for the fact that the dressmaker didn’t want to make a fuss about it.   

According to reports, each of the white pearls has an astounding price tag of Ksh 10,000 due to its rarity

According to dressmakers, the custom-made gown was adorned with more than 6,000 natural Akoya pearls. It also features intricate white beading, a seductive keyhole cut-out, as well as a halter neckline. Due to the dress’ unique details, it took over 25 people and ten weeks to design and hand-sew it.

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