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At $2 Million, Karlman King is the World’s Most Expensive SUV — But Is it Worth the Money?

In the automobile industry, it can be extremely challenging to design an SUV that looks both sporty and futuristic yet delivers a totally luxurious and comfortable driving experience but also boasts a ridiculously fast top speed like that of a sports car. Seems impossible right?

Well, the experts at Karlmann have taken this challenge head-on and came up with the Karlmann King, equipping the SUV with next-generation technology and features on a sporty body. Interested? Well, you better hold onto your cheques for now because this vehicle’s going to cost you big bucks!

The Expensive SUV

Karlman King, also known as The King, is mainly designed in China but assembled in Europe. The giant automaker Ford supplies the car’s chassis and engine.

The body of the SUV features a polygonal frame with a matte black coating to give the futuristic feel like that of a Batmobile. For the VIP passengers in the back, the vehicle is also equipped with bulletproof armor to really drive home the “Batmobile” vibe we have going on here.

King costs a staggering $3.8 million per unit!

King costs a staggering $3.8 million per unit!

Weighed down by the heavy armor plates incorporated in the car’s body panels, the King weighs in at an astounding 10,000 pounds which means it’s going to be a challenge to drive and maneuver once the laws of physics are accounted for.

Though most of us would assume that the bulletproof capability and outlandish angular design accounts for the hefty $3.8 million price tag, wait till you see the interior of the vehicle, which has been dubbed “a jewel” by its manufacturer!

The Interior

According to the company, the King’s interior features amenities to provide the highest level of comfort and luxury for its passengers. It has a 40-inch flat TV screen and Playstation console where the kids can watch their favorite series or play their favorite games while on the road.

You can also browse the internet and connect with your friends, or do some light business activities thanks to its built-in wifi and integrated laptops.

The passengers can relax inside comfortably due to its luxurious interior design and leather couches.

The passengers can relax inside comfortably due to its luxurious interior design and leather couches

For those of us looking for refreshments, the interior of the SUV also features a mini-refrigerator bar along with a coffee machine so there’s literally something for everyone.

Worried you might get lost while on the road? No need to fret. The built-in satellite navigation system makes sure you will get to your destination safely and fresh as a daisy.

The Customization

While King’s base price starts at $3.8 million, auto experts say the cost can go much higher depending on the client’s customization requests and specific needs.

For example, their bulletproof armor package alone costs a staggering $300,000, which can provide robust protection to prominent celebrities and tech billionaires.

Karlmann King made its impressive debut at

Karlmann King made its impressive debut at Dubai’s International Motor Show last November

According to the management, every Karlmann King unit shall be made in Italy, with only nine units being released in the first batch. Their clients can expect to receive their units between 9-15 months from placing the order.

The International Market

While the limited edition units of the first batch might be disappointing for potential customers, the management claims that they can expect delivery of the next batch of vehicles very soon, with the main target being the North American market.

According to the sales director, Michael Nothdurft, the company has already received orders from 20 North American customers for The King. 

While the sales director didn’t disclose the identity of the buyers, the auto experts speculate them to be high-profile celebrities the like of Floyd Mayweather Jr., Jay Leno, Jay-Z, among others, seeing as they’re all avid fans of luxurious cars.

If you are a car enthusiast who can’t wait to see this machine in your garage, Northdurft suggests visiting the manufacturer’s website for more information and order placement.

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