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New Dad Prince Harry Just Upgraded His Car, Here’s a Sneak Peak into His New Ride

A lot has changed in the lives of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. For one, the Sussexes recently welcomed their first baby boy, Archie, and to commemorate the special milestone, the Duke upgraded his royal car — probably to accommodate his growing family.

He recently sold his Audi for an astoundingly modest price only to add a new set of wheels to his luxurious collection.

According to sources, Prince Harry is set to endorse a Land Rover Defender next year. The massive 4×4 truck flaunts not only a sleek and robust design but also a number of stunning features! Let’s take a sneak peek in Harry’s next royal car!

The New Land Rover

According to sources, Prince Harry’s new Land Rover Defender features a square and boxy shape in the front, box arches on the side with display units. Meanwhile, the rear end features cutout tail lights to allocate more space for a spare wheel in the back.

Prince Harry can't contain his excitement in driving his 2020 Defender.

Prince Harry couldn’t contain his excitement for his 2020 Defender

According to Prince Harry, he’s excited to endorse Land Rover again and bring the iconic vehicle back into the world of the auto industry. The Duke will reportedly conduct a test drive in Borana Conservancy.

The Test Drive

In there, you can expect him to drive across the rivers to carry heavy loads and transport the supplies through rugged terrain. Aside from Prince Harry, the company will also conduct 45,000 individual tests to assert Land Rover’s efficiency before it hits the market in 2020.

Last April 30, 1948, the original Land Rover became the British' iconic car after its remarkable debut in Amsterdam.

In 1948, the original Land Rover became Britain’s iconic car after its remarkable debut in Amsterdam

The Land Rover’s executive director, Nick Rogers, says they’re honored to have a British Royalty onboard to help promote the car. They’re also excited to test their newest vehicle on the field. The team meets with their engineers from time to time to get some updates to ensure they’re meeting their goals and target deadlines.

Other Details

Rogers also revealed the other details their fans can look forward to in the new Land Rover. It now includes small indicator bulbs and a headlamp to provide light units around the truck.

The Jaguar team hopes to launch a new, upgraded line of Land Rover units.

The Jaguar team hopes to launch a new, upgraded line of Land Rover units.

One of the most anticipated vehicles of the year, the new Rover will also feature a side-hinged tailgate to mount and dismount your luggage from the vehicle with ease. Its four doors feature flat bonnets and vents on the front wheel arches to maximize speed.

The boxy vehicle’s body is made with aluminum chassis with a cool finish to give it a modern look. Rogers reveals they used modular architecture to make Land Rover lighter and easier to maneuver for those who prefer speed without compromising on space.

The Icon’s Rebirth

Prince Harry also teases that the Land Rover Defender will be equipped with innovative features like digital binnacle and other capabilities that tech-lovers will enjoy. It also has a large infotainment screen where the passengers can play music or watch a movie while on the road.

Its set of pedals are labeled with GO and STOP for easy navigation. Rogers says he cannot wait for their customers to get their trucks and drive it by next year.

While they’re all excited to release it in public, they aren’t rushing for a specific release date. For now, Rogers and the officials want to ensure everything runs smoothly before the big day.

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