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Tom Brady’s Signature Aston Martin is a Visual Masterpiece — But with an Astounding Price Tag

The favorite quarterback of New England Patriots, Tom Brady, may already have five Super Bowl MVP awards, but his biggest achievement so far is to be able to design his own model of Aston Martin! Let us unveil the company’s latest signature vehicle which carries an astounding price tag to match its extensive list of luxurious features.

The Highly-Anticipated Car

According to sources, the Aston Martin’s newest signature car, the Vanquish S Volante features an astounding 6.0-liter V12 engine capable of generating 580 horsepowers! If you’ve loved their Vanquish S sports car, the management says their loyal customers are going to adore this limited edition more due to these exclusive features.

Aston Martin’s newest car is also known as Tom Brady’s Signature Edition in honor of the athlete’s participation in making the vehicle’s design

According to Aston Martin, all the cars will feature Tom Brady’s signature with a TB12 logo on their metal door plates. Aside from that, the customers also get to enjoy the vehicle’s “Ultramarine Black” exterior hue and a “Dark Knight” interior leather that gives off the royalty vibe when you ride it.

The Features

It also has an exposed carbon fiber as well as aerodynamic features installed on the vehicle to ensure it abides environmental regulations. Most of all, its Aston Martin gold badges as well as Brady’s logo are engraved behind the front wheels. You might have noticed the number 12 on the car’s logo and wondered what the meaning is behind it.

The limited edition of Tom Brady’s signature car has an astounding $350,000 base price tag!

According to Aston Martin, it represents the number of units they’ll produce for this car model! That’s right! The company will only build 12 units of this car! So make sure to watch out if you want to grab this limited edition vehicle! It also represents Brady’s jersey number. Furthermore, Brady chose the color combination himself, making it more memorable to his avid, loyal fans who’ll buy the car.

The Experience

Tom Brady also stated he’s thankful for Aston Martin for giving him a chance to realize his designs and the company even dedicated the said car model to him. He could never forget the memorable process of curating a Tom Brady car version ever since they announced it to the public. He still feels like he’s dreaming whenever he recalled how they started with a  blank canvass before it turned into a stunning car.

Tom Brady has been a long-time and loyal Aston Martin customer for years, and he drives his DB11 car frequently.

Tom Brady has been a long-time and loyal Aston Martin customer for years, and he drives his DB11 car frequently.

The limited edition of Tom Brady car is just one of the first customized car models created by the new “Q by Aston Marin” division. The company established the department to give its customers more freedom to customize their vehicles based on their preferences. Aside from Tom Brady, they also plan to release James Bond-inspired vehicles which features his special gadgets and tools.

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