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Celeb Kids All Grown Up – They Are Fixed For Life Thanks To Their Parents’ Success

There Is no doubt that the kids that go to the same schools as celebrity kids get overwhelmed. On the one hand, things are easier for celebrity kids because their parents have the money to support them without worrying about a home mortgage or debts. On the other hand, the constant attention and stress can wreck any sense of balance and restraint which leads kids to walk the wrong paths, sometimes having them end up in rehab centers.

Katherine Schwarzenegger – Young & Talented Author

Action movie legend and former politician Arnold Schwarzenegger and his now ex-wife Maria Shriver’s first child was their daughter Katherine. Katherine has taken after her mother rather than Arnold, as Maria is a journalist. The 28-year-old is an up-and-coming author who released her first book in 2010. She also takes after her mother in that she is also incredibly beautiful, a gene Arnie isn’t overly blessed with. We like to think that despite her own career path being paved by her, perhaps her parents are looking out for her a little bit, even if it’s just advice on real estate investments. After all, real estate is where the money is (hey, the US does have a real estate mogul for President)!

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