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Insane Celebrity Houses That You Must See – Their Attorneys Have Truly Done A Tremendous Job

Ordinary people usually have to turn to mortgage and a bank loan to afford even a regular home. On the other hand, celebrities can afford their dream house without thinking about loans since their bank accounts are loaded with money. They take care of home insurance as well as employ financial advisers to keep an eye on their money and make sure they are making good investments. This list consists of some of the most luxurious celebrity mansions. These mansions are the dream homes that we can only dream of owning. Prepare to be amazed by some of the finest celebrity homes like Mountain’s mansion  in the world.

Will Smith – $42 Million, California

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Will Smith was once the real Bel-Air king. However, today, the actor enjoys living in his Calabasas home with his family. His bank account was more than enough to purchase this California architectural beauty which includes a golf course, tennis court, basketball courts, recording studio, huge garage for his car collection, and everything else for the greatest comfort.

Beyonce & Jay Z – $45 Million, L.A.

When you are a celebrity power couple, lawyers, mortgages, and loans are not your concerns. According to Forbes, Beyonce, and her husband Jay Z have a net worth of $875 million, so they have more than enough to purchase their mansion which has more than 123 rooms. The mansion includes their personal M&Ms World, a huge aquarium, theatre, night club, tennis court, and large swimming pools.

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