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These Celebrity Cars Are Mind Blowing, And Their Price Is Even Crazier

For the A-list actors in Hollywood, buying expensive stuff is just the norm. Among the richest and famous stars, wish lists hardly exist because they can easily afford what they want. However, buying classy and expensive automobiles is one of their ways of showing off their wealth. Although their car insurances might go over the roof with their luxurious cars, we doubt that it will make a dent in their bank accounts. The following 40 celebrities have spent hundreds of thousands – if not, millions of dollars into their jaw-dropping, customized vehicles. With their insane net worth, you’d wonder what kind of car these celebs may drive. A Barbie-inspired dream car may also not be a far fetched idea! Read on to see which celebrity has the most luxurious car collection!

Paris Hilton – Bentley GT Continental, Estimated $285K

As one of the heirs to the Hilton fortune, Paris Hilton is certainly one to enjoy the finer things in life. From grand hotels to luxurious vacations, her love for spending money likewise extends to expensive cars. With a total of eight vehicles, Paris has her auto insurance payments soaring sky high as each of them is considered as a luxury car. However, one car stands out as Paris’ favorite: the pink Bentley GT which was customized, painted, and accessorized in bubble gum pink. She refers to it as her very own Barbie Dream Car.

Rihanna – Lamborghini Aventador, Estimated $750K

As one of the hottest names in R&B today, it would come as no surprise that Rihanna drives a car as fiery as her. While her $750,000 Lamborghini Aventador did not come from her bank account, she still cherishes this gift from ex-boyfriend Chris Brown. Don’t take bad-gal RiRi as a cheapskate, though, as she also owns other luxury cars like a Chevrolet Camaro, Suburban, and a Porsche 997.

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