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British Motor Museum Receives a RARE Car in Donation

The iconic Ford Anglia Super may not look like much, but it was the British car that put the country on the road, cementing Ford’s status as one of the most formidable carmaker the auto industry. Now this rare beauty can be admired at the British Motor Museum, thanks to a generous donor who gave away the car to the museum for free! Let’s take a closer look at this antique model of Ford’s Anglia series.

In 1962, Ford introduced the most powerful model in its Anglia series in the form of Anglia Super which lasted in production for almost five years

Rare Ford Anglia Super

In 1962, Ford introduced the most powerful model in its Anglia series in the form of Anglia Super which employed a much larger 1197cc engine than what was used in its predecessors, which gave a significant boost to the car’s performance.

The car was a stunner visually as well, distinguished from the other models in the Anglia range by its signature two-tone paint scheme, with the roof panel and a side stripe painted in contrasting colors.

The car featured a number of other ‘extras’ too. Some of them included a shiny front grille, more sophisticated interior, full wheel trims and additional badges. The Anglia Super is by far the most popular car in its series and one that put its manufacturer Ford on the auto map. The car lasted in production for almost five years, until Ford introduced the all new Escort in 1967.

With a powerful engine and small body, the 105E Anglia has a superb drive. The car characterizes simplicity and class with its easy-to-use and predictable handling, antique long gear shifter and light steering which make it a pleasure to drive on an open road.

Generous Donation

Ford’s Anglia went out of production over 50 years ago, but it remains, to this day, a stunning tribute to modernism. The masterpiece of a car featured design elements that were way ahead of its time, including the classic fins and windows that curved inwards.

Ford Anglias were dominating the British roads in the 1960s but today, it’s rare to catch a glimpse of the classic 123E Super on the road. From hundreds of thousands of Supers sold during the 60’s only a handful have survived to this day. The rest have either been scrapped, dismembered for parts or sitting in old warehouses, no longer worthy of being taken out on the road.

Anglia admirers can catch a glimpse of their favorite car at the British Motor Museum in Warwickshire.

But the British Motor Museum has been lucky enough to receive a generous donation in the form of a mint-condition Ford Anglia 123E Super. The museum has received numerous car donations in the past by owners who can no longer afford to maintain the classics or don’t have the desire to keep them in their garages anymore. But this car is by far the most valuable donation the museum has ever received – simply because the Anglia is extremely rare and the model could soon disappear from the roads if not preserved.


This specific Ford Anglia, received by the museum, has a two-tone paint, all the extra features including the interior and full-wheel trims. Over the course of its 50-year life, the car has only covered 32,000 miles and has been maintained spectacularly by the Gates family – who made the generous donation.

The car has been in the family ever since it was bought 50 years ago and has been passed down for three generation before being donated to the museum. Chris and Michael Gates, who chose to give away the hand-me-down automobile, said that they were confident that the Anglia would be better taken care of at the museum than in their garage.

The iconic model will be displayed on the Museum’s Time Road and preserved for many more generations to come.

Ford introduced its first generation Ford Anglia in 1939, which was the smallest car in the rang. At the time, it was one of the most affordable cars in Britain, a factor that greatly contributed to its popularity. In 1968, Ford announced that it was ending production for the Anglia range after six generations and many different variations.

Anglia admirers can catch a glimpse of their favorite car at the British Motor Museum in Warwickshire.

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