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If Your Car Is Your Best Friend, Here Are Some Tips To Help You Extend Its Life

We all rely on vehicles to take us where we want to go. However, not many of us really pay attention or care for our cars as much as we should. We all have friends or relatives that own the same vehicle for years, and even after hundreds of thousands of miles, it still looks new.

The keyword here is maintenance, and there’s never too much of it. Because drivers fail to maintain their cars for a few bucks, they end up paying hundreds or thousands to of dollars simply because they were too lazy or couldn’t make an effort before.

Nothing lasts forever, and cars do break down now and then, but the following tips may just help reduce the occurrence of car trouble or save you some money in the future:

1. Read the Owner’s Manual

There’s a good reason a car comes with a manual and it helps you learn more about your car, especially its maintenance like changing fluids or filters. It has tons of valuable information and helps you how to use important functions as well.

2. Regular Washing and Cleaning

Keeping your car clean is probably the cheapest way to maintain your car. Regular washing, especially the underside of your car, removes dirt, debris, and oil trapped in small spaces causing wear and tear. Besides, a shining car makes a good impression.

Unsplash | Take care of your car by regularly cleaning and washing it

3. Regularly maintain all fluids

Like regular oil change, it is important to maintain all fluids that go into your vehicle. For example, the coolant for your radiator, braking fluid, and transmission fluid, all need to be kept at their optimum levels, so they function accordingly.

4. Check Tire Pressure

Flat tires are among the most recurring reasons for accidents and time wastage. Not to mention the cost to fix them. The leading causes of flat tires are tire pressure, so you need to ensure that it is neither too high nor too low.

Unsplash | Keep an eye on your tires to ensure you and your car’s safety

5. Check Your Oil

A regular oil change is the most straightforward task to increase the life of a vehicle. Oil lubricates different engine parts for smooth function, and secondly, it is a fluid that disperses heat. Running an engine on low oil could result in a cease, meaning you will need to replace or rebuild it.

Unsplash | Your car’s fluid level are important for its long-term performance

6. Check Brakes

Brakes wear down over time, and drivers usually never keep track of the condition they are in. The only time people usually change their brakes is after an accident due to failure, squeaking noises, or faulty pedals. It always helps to check the space between the depression of the pedal and the slowing down of the vehicle.

There are many other tips you could follow, but these are the most important ones. So, make sure you keep your ride in the best condition possible.

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