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Taking Out Car Insurance For Your Second Car? Here’s Why You Should Consider Your Previous Provider

Everyone wants multiple cars lined up in their garage. But owning a car isn’t something you can take lightly. In addition to following proper driving rules, there are certain aspects you need to take care of, for example, maintenance, and car insurance. And things can get really complicated if you own more than one car.


YouTube | If you own multiple cars, taking out a multi-car insurance can be beneficial

But luckily, there’s help. And it comes in the form of a multi-car insurance policy. Such a policy covers all your cars under a single plan and it comes with an entire bouquet of benefits. To help you understand how this can save you a lot of hassle, we’ve compiled this list of the primary advantages of such a policy. Come, have a look.

Fewer documents and bills to deal with

When you have multiple vehicles under the same insurance plan, it saves a lot of your time. How? It’s simple. Regardless of how many cars are covered, the insurer is the same. So naturally, there’s less documentation and less complication.

You just need to understand the coverage and terms one time, not individually for each car. But when reading the terms of the plan, make sure you’re fully aware of the level of liability coverage. Make sure your most expensive car is insured according to its value.

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Bajaj Allianz | You’d have to deal with fewer documents and bills

Access to cheaper premium service

A multi-car policy has a premium that’s much lower than an individual one. Usually, insurers have to pay deductibles when they file a claim on a car. But if it’s a multi-car policy, you have to pay the same deductibles for all vehicles as the claim will be under one policy. In fact, in the event, depending on the insurer, you might end up paying one deductible instead of individually for all your vehicles.

Help in reducing lapse

The policy holder generally has to make payments on a monthly basis to the insurance provider. But if you have all your vehicles insured under one policy, you don’t have to run to different places or remember different payment dates. Instead, you can find all of the details under one roof.

Access to lower rates for high-risk drivers

This is where things get slightly confusing. You’d think that adding a high-risk driver like DUI or teen implies that the insurance premium will be higher. This is true, but only if you get separate insurance for your high-risk car. If, however, you insure your high-risk vehicle under a multi-car policy, the premium won’t differ much, but that can only be possible if the high-risk driver isn’t mentioned as the primary insured party.

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Qrius | You can also get access to lower rates for high-risk drivers

To Conclude

Whenever buying a car, be positive about getting it insured. And not just by any provider, by one who offers the best coverage for your needs. Having said that, if you have more than one car, we suggest you get a multi-car insurance policy since that will help you extract the most benefit.

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