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Ways Of Getting an Affordable Car Insurance Policy

Cars and houses are associated with prosperity in life. However, once you buy a car, you pay for more than the car itself; you require a car insurance. This can be a problem because some car insurance policies are expensive. Therefore, you need to find an affordable insurance policy, one that you can sustain. Below are some tips to help you get an affordable car insurance policy.

 Use the Right Job Title

This may look like a ridiculous tip, but it can greatly help you in the future. Most car insurance companies are very picky and specific about job titles; they usually charge premiums based on one’s job title. For example, music teachers are paid more than ordinary teachers. Instead of being specific, just list your job title as a ‘teacher’ to reduce the premium costs. 

Likewise, be very careful if you are a retiree or a housewife. Listing that you are unemployed could cost you as much as $300 more than when you claim to be a retiree or a housewife. Although the reason behind this is unclear, be warned! 

 Bump Up Your Excess

The idea of getting hit for a high excess if you have an accident might sound unappealing, but how many accidents have you had in your life? Most probably, you have never had an accident (most people haven’t). The answer to that is probably none, right? For sure, most people who purchase car insurance are careful and safe drivers. Therefore, your likelihood of causing accidents is almost nil. As such, if you take up a policy with the possibility of a higher excess in case you are at fault, your premium price will dramatically fall.

 Use or Get a Garage For Your Car

The golden rule when you’re planning to purchase a car is to have a garage. However, most people take this for granted, probably due to lack of space or cash. Nonetheless, a garage can help you save a lot of money on your car insurance. 

 Know the Car You Intend to Buy

Most young drivers think about buying their favorite car models without considering the fact that they need to pay for its equivalent car insurance. Driving in an expensive sports car may be cool and may leave a great impression, but it may hurt your wallet. What you should do is consider various cars and their insurance premiums to get a rough idea of your expenses.  

If you cannot afford a brand new car, warm up to the idea of buying a second-hand car. However, make sure that it is functioning well and that it is not tied to any outstanding debt. A rebuilt car will be charged higher premiums than a brand new car. Therefore, you should understand the features of a car as well as its insurance coverage before purchasing one.

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