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These Are The Absolute Worst Financial Mistakes Experienced Advisers Have Seen Their Clients Make

Mistakes, although they are setbacks, can serve as opportunities for learning for those who make them and even observing bystanders. The same can be said when it comes to personal finances.

People can learn from the costly mistakes others have made and avoid repeating them when faced with similar situations. This said here are some of the worst financial decisions advisers have witnessed in their line of work and what lessons others can glean from them.

Withdrawing Their IRA

Cashing out a portion of one’s retirement account may help in paying off present debts but can lead to more serious problems in the long run

Mark Pitre, principal at California Financial Advisors, shares about the worst thing a client of his ever did is to liquidate a part of their IRA to $120,000. Worse, this was done so the client could pay off some credit card debt worth about $50,000.

While this particular situation demonstrates many other underlying issues with the client’s personal finances, the cashing out of a substantial part of their retirement fund was a costly mistake on their longterm plans. It also demonstrates how debt can affect one’s finances negatively in numerous ways and in worst-case scenarios prevent them from being able to retire altogether.

Letting Emotions Rule

Meanwhile, Montag & Caldwell CEO  William Vogel warns against being too emotional when making big financial decisions. This can mean being too excited or fearful at the wrong time and overlooking the importance of sticking to their long-term investment plan.

This mistake can be countered by leaning on history and facts instead, Vogel said. Remember that the markets can be cyclical and to have a 10-year plus outlook when it comes to investing in them.

After all, the United States markets have a track record of giving investors good long-term returns. This advice especially applies to younger people as they have more time to keep their money in the market and enjoy their profits after.

Overspending & Undersaving

Instead of overspending, high earners are recommended to save smartly and diversify with both a mix of taxable and tax-advantaged accounts

Tom Johnson Investment Management’s Cory Robinson observes that people tend to have a problem with undersaving and/or overspending. And this issue is typically applicable to high earning individuals.

In fact, Robinson explains that people who earn somewhere around the low to mid-six figures actually find it difficult to save within their IRAs and 401(k) plans enough to replace their current high income when they retire.

Being Too Cavalier

A well-thought-out financial plan will help you avoid wasting your wealth and resources through bad investments

Another big mistake that financial advisers see in their clients is investing money without a specific goal. What more, Wescott Advisory Group CEO Grant Rawdin warns against freely putting money into companies without reasonable chances of success or even a business plan as well as making huge purchases like expensive art or vacations.

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