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When Car Shopping, don’t Forget to keep these Cool Test Drive Tips in Mind

If you’re deciding to purchase a new car, you should ideally do some homework beforehand. With technological advancements powering new features every day, it’s incredibly crucial to perform a thorough examination of the vehicle you’re eyeing.

Whether you purchase a previously owned car or a brand new one, a test drive is an integral part of making an informed purchase decision. If you pay attention to tiniest details while you test drive, it saves you from a lot of trouble later.

Therefore, as a smart buyer, you must take a few extra steps during the inspection and buying process.


Pixabay | Before buying a car, do your homework, find out all that you can about the car, and don’t forget to test drive


You must research online and offline on the vehicles which suit your kind of budget and lifestyle. Your preference also matters. First, decide if you want to purchase a new car or a used one. Your financing options should also be readily available to avoid any later hassle.

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Initiate by your intervention

Once you’ve decided on the pre-procurement planning, it is the time for real action. Whenever you take a test drive, you need to inform the seller about your visit. You need to ensure that the engine is stone cold and not pre-warmed. Some sellers warm the engine before the test drive to conceal an issue with the start-up sound. Before you start the test drive, allow the seller to demonstrate the vehicle’s features and capabilities.


Pixabay | Before you start the test drive, allow the seller to demonstrate the vehicle’s features and capabilities

A thorough check

Checking all accessible fluids like engine oil, transmission fluid, fluid leakage, etc., is essential. Also, check for signs of moisture, rust, and standing water. It is better to find out about all the onboard controls and their proper operation. Evaluate the braking system too. There should be no scraping, grinding, or squealing sounds.

Drive the car as it is already yours

During the test drive, you should drive the car the way you usually drive. Look far beyond the driver’s seat. Check your comfort with the driver seat as well as the front passenger seat. Your test drive’s situations should be similar to everyday encounters like cramping parking lots, navigating narrow city streets. You also need to maintain a checklist handy of those features you are expecting from your new vehicle.


Pixabay | During test drive, you should drive the car the way you usually drive

Get a second point of view

It is not advisable to give a deal done signal to the seller at the test drive. Always consult someone else for a second opinion before making the purchase decision.

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The ultimate goal of a test drive is to see if the car you want to purchase is the best fit. Therefore if the test drive goes well, you may request the vehicle history report and get it inspected by a third party. Ultimately, you want to buy the best vehicle for yourself.

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