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Here’s What Michael Jordan Buys With His Staggering $1.9 Billion Net Worth!

The former professional basketball athlete Michael Jordan may already have retired from the court, but the NBA legend still makes more money than Kevin Durant, Lebron James, and Stephen Curry’s net worth combined! And when you’re as rich as Michael Jordan, it’s almost normal to spend your riches on some crazy expensive things like luxury cars, multi-million-dollar homes, and private golf courses. Here’s how Jordan churns through his massive $1.9 billion net worth.

Jordan’s NBA Legacy

According to sources, Jordan has been making an astounding $100 million from the royalties he earned from Nike since 2015. He also received a total of $90 million from his NBA salary. Aside from that, he also made $63 million from playing his last two seasons with the team Chicago Bulls.

Michael Jordan is one of the most celebrated basketball players in the world

The NBA legend may no longer earn money through basketball,  but his fortune is believed to skyrocket up to $1.9 billion after he claimed the chairman position at Charlotte Hornets. Aside from that, he also launched his shoe brand which earns him an astounding $3 billion every year! In 2014, Michael Jordan became the highest-paid athlete ever when his NBA franchise’s value increased to $1 billion!

Jordan’s Business Ventures

Jordan revealed that he almost entered a footwear deal with Adidas. However, the company wanted to sign with an NBA player at least 7 feet tall. Fortunately, Nike offered him a partnership contract and said both parties never regretted the decision. In fact, Jordan and Nike treat the partnership as a blessing in disguise. In 1984, Nike offered Jordan a contract for an astounding $250,000 a year.

Michael Jordan has his own private jet featuring his iconic basketball logo

Aside from Nike, Jordan also has endorsements from the popular energy drink, Gatorade, as well as Upper Deck. Jordan has also been Hanes’ spokesman for over 30 years! Aside from a slew of brand endorsements, Michael Jordan has started plenty of business ventures of his own. The NBA legend owns several restaurants across the United States, including 1000 North located in Florida.

The Lavish Lifestyle

His immense wealth enables Jordan to live a prosperous lifestyle, and he doesn’t hold back when it comes to splurging on expensive things most of us can only dream of buying. Michael Jordan purchased a private jet and had it painted Carolina blue. The plane also carried his ID number, which is a combination of the titles he won (six) and his jersey number (23). The entrepreneurial powerhouse also has a number of properties around the world including a $12.8 million palatial home he built in 2012.

The NBA legend now owns a private golf course for him to play and unwind in peace

Jordan also revealed he spent millions to have his own private golf course. The reason? It was because he got annoyed one time at the pace of play while he was still going to his former country club. He welcomes guests, friends and family to play on his golf course, though. According to him, Hobe Sound, Florida will soon be open to the public sometime this year.

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