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These Are Retirement’s Two Most Surprising Caveats According to an Actual Retiree

Everybody dreams of retiring comfortably. But not every aspect of retirement is the stuff of dreams. Leaving the workforce can lead to many changes in a person’s life both positive and negative. The former is often highlighted in the media but it’s also important to talk about the latter to get a better understanding of the transition.

One recent retiree, Bill Brown, age 65, shares his surprising experience during his first year in retirement in the following account.

Dampened Spirits

Brown said that his co-workers’ less-than-ideal reaction to his retirement affected his own enthusiasm negatively

According to Brown, who retired back in the spring of 2018, there were two things that caught him by surprise. The first one actually happened even before he officially left the workforce. Apparently, his spirits were dampened by his colleagues’ lack of enthusiasm for his achievement. Instead of getting hyped up for his much-awaited retirement, his co-workers told him discouraging things like ‘Oh, you’re not going to like that’.

While statements like that aren’t really unfounded, given Brown’s admitted type A personality, he still believes that people shouldn’t say those things to those who are about to retire. Brown left a career in the IT department of a trucking company.

Too Much Time Together

Couples who retire at the same time may find that they have too much time to spend alone together

His next realization about his new life as a retiree came just a few weeks since he stopped working. Despite being with his wife for years already, he still found himself surprised just how much time they have to spend together now that he has plenty of free time.

And he wasn’t alone feeling this way. Brown’s wife was also caught off guard by their new setup. When he was still with the trucking company, the two of them would sometimes only see each other on weekends because his job required him to travel away.

Without jobs to get them out of each other’s hair for hours every day, the two of them have all day of every day with each other. While this can be good for some, most couples, including Brown and his wife, might find this too much.

Adjusting to Retirement

Seeking other people to socialize with can be a good thing for retiree couples

To address the issue, the couple decided to make tweaks to their individual retirement schedules. For example, Brown’s wife ended up spending more hours on her volunteering and had even begun to seek out companions who are around her age.

This way she can have someone she can meet up with to eat lunch or breakfast. Meanwhile, Brown took on woodworking as a new hobby to keep himself preoccupied, too. Still, he says that they also enjoy spending time together even if it’s just sitting together while watching television at home.

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