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This is The Secret Money-Saving Technique People Should Know About Before Buying a Car

The process of buying a car can be as stressful as it is exciting. With plenty of options and good deals around, it can be overwhelming to make the final decision. There’s always the fear of finally paying for or signing on a contract for your chosen car only to discover a better deal somewhere else. But there’s a way you can ensure that you’re getting the best out of your buck–shop at specific times of the year.

Kelsey Mays from the classified website Cars cite the following times as the best ones when it comes to shopping for a car.

The Months of September & December

New models of cars are introduced every year leaving older models open to be sold at better discounts during certain parts of the year

The reason why potential buyers can find plenty of deals around these two months is because they are the times when car dealers are trying to sell their older inventory. While model year changeovers can happen anytime, Mays observed that many sellers do so around September which is late summer to early fall. The month has actually consistently ranked among the three best months of the year to buy a car for five years straight.

Meanwhile, the month of December is the time when both automakers and auto dealers are rushing to meet their year-end sales goals. Luxury brands are among those who present customers with better finance deals during this month.

Between Christmas and New Year

Try shopping around for discounts on your preferred car models during this post-Christmas time of the year

While the world is still hungover from the festivities of Christmas, car sellers are hard at work advertising their savings offers. Deals get even better when this post-holiday weekends also happen at the end of the month as dealers are also trying to meet their sales quotas.

Not surprisingly, the week between Christmas and New Year has been identified by Mays as the one having the highest new-car incentives out of the whole year. And this has been true for several decades now.

Similarly, other holiday weekends like Labor Day, Black Friday and Memorial Day. Mays also noted that people sometimes need not wait for the actual weekend because dealers would often roll out their promotions even days before the holiday.

Different Months For Different Car Types

If your preferred model is still the latest one, ask when the next model is coming to know when deals might be offered on the car you want

For people who have already made a choice of what specific model they want, they can time their purchase depending on the car type. The automotive pricing and information site TrueCar has determined the best months to buy vehicles of a certain type as follows: October for large trucks, May for midsize SUVs, December for both small and premium SUVs, and November for compact and midsize cars.

People are also recommended to visit their local dealerships around the beginning of a week if they don’t want to catch them at a busy time during the weekends.

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