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Automobile Companies Display Humanity- Offer Payment Relief to Victims of Natural Disasters!

Natural disasters are a harrowing experience. They bring wide-spread destruction along, uproot entire establishments, and claim several lives. These natural calamities leave desolation in their wake.

Like every year, 2020 began on a high note, with fireworks and excited greetings passed on to loved ones. However, not shortly after, the topsy turvy roller coaster of events was triggered, and one after another, calamities befell the world. There came the coronavirus pandemic, Hurricane Laura and Hurricane Isaias, Midwestern Derecho, and the California Wildfires (which alone displaced about 200,000 people).

Unsplash | Such disasters have left people homeless

All these natural disasters combined have damaged electricity transmission channels and left nearly a million people with a power shortage.

Toyota, Ford, and Mazda come forth with payment relief packages;

– Toyota

Toyota has stood out previously as well, offering relief in lease payments back in 2016 and 2018. This time too, the company has come forward, proposing to extend lease repayments and offering the ease of online payment to customers of Toyota Financial Services. The customers are requested to contact their personal lenders to enjoy this accommodation.

– Mazda

Mazda, too, followed suit and has announced relief for the victims of the California Wildfire, Hurricane Laura, and Hurricane Isaias. Customers have been directed to contact the automaker and arrange a deal for deferred payment or for redirecting their bills. Similarly, facilities have been established for online and on-call payments.

– Ford

The Ford Motor company also came forward to support the affectees in troubled times. It appreciated the helplessness brought about by natural disasters and proposed similar relief plans to those of Toyota. Any customer of Ford or Lincoln Financial service is eligible for this assistance.

Unsplash | Global hurricanes are likely to increase in number due to climate change

The Bottom Line

The hurricanes, derecho, and the wildfire happening consecutively are all a result of drastic climate change due to the irresponsible consumption of natural resources. In fact, as the exploitation of these resources is increasing, the severity of these natural phenomenons is multiplying. It is time to take restorative measures and help the human-made establishments co-exist with the natural landscape. Till a balance is achieved, these disasters are inevitable and will need empathetic people to share the burden of rehabilitation that follows these waves of destruction.

Unsplash | Wildfire season peaks from July to August, when the weather is mostly hot and dry

Toyota, Ford, and Mazda are three automobile makers that recognize their social obligation and are at the forefront in case of calamity to ease the suffering of the public.

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