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The Members of the British Royal Family Are Richer Than You Think–Here Are Each of Their Estimated Net Worth

It’s no secret that the Windsors live a life of luxury and comfort thanks to their advantageous positions as royalty. For generations, they have had the privilege to own numerous pieces of art, jewels, and even palaces. There’s also the annually doled out Sovereign Grant which amounts to a whopping $106.3 million (£82.2 million).

All things considered, the reigning monarch Queen Elizabeth II is reportedly worth about $3 billion according to the Australian news and entertainment website, Forbes has a more conservative estimate and puts her wealth somewhere around $530 million, though. However, the Queen is not the only extremely wealthy member of the royal family.

The Prince Consort

The Duke Edinburgh was born a member of the Danish and Greek royal families

Her Majesty’s husband, Prince Philip is reportedly worth $85 million. This is definitely an impressive jump compared to the $20 a week he was paid while serving in the Navy before he married Queen Elizabeth in 1947.

His share of the Sovereign Grant is said to be around $689,000 although the 98-year-old no longer carries out any royal duties. The amount may seem like a dream to some, but a palace insider reveals that the Queen supplements this six-figure sum as it just wasn’t enough. It’s still a mystery though how the consort of the Queen has amassed such a large fortune.

The Prince of Wales

The 70-year-old royal is the longest-serving heir apparent in British history

The future king of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth realms seems to be doing quite well, too. Eldest of the four children born to the reigning monarch, Prince Charles is worth an estimated $190 million. His fortune reportedly comes from the earnings of the Duchy of Cornwall, which gives the heir an annual income of $40 million. However, the estate is reportedly worth much more and is estimated to be around $1.9 billion.

Among the properties managed by the Duchy of Cornwall are several car parks, and even surfing schools on the estate’s beaches. It’s worth noting though that despite the Prince’s royal status, his Duchy still pays income tax on its surplus. It doesn’t pay corporation tax though as it is not considered to be a corporation.

The Duke of York

Prince Andrew is currently eighth in line to the British throne

Often dubbed as the Queen’s favorite child, Prince Andrew has also gained the nickname ‘Airmiles Andy’ over the years. The third child born to the reigning monarch, the 59-year-old Duke of York is known for his love of the extravagant.

Fortunately, he seems to be able to afford his lifestyle thanks to the reported $108 million fortune he has built. While a good part of his wealth is attributed to a sizeable trust fund his mother has set for him, the Duke also has invested resources on various properties and businesses. What more, he enjoys a pension from the Royal Navy which he served in from 1979 to 2001 as a helicopter pilot.

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