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Surprise Surprise! Guess Which Friends Star Is Returning to Top Gear

According to sources, Matt LeBlanc is set to return as Top Gear’s lead host after months of backdoor negotiations. What made the renowned actor change his mind and go back to the hosting world again? Did he miss the thrill on being on the iconic show or did the producers increase their offer? Matt Leblanc is finally breaking his silence and revealing the reason behind his controversial decisions.

The Return

In July last year, LeBlanc shocked the world when he announced his departure from Top Gear and resigned from the coveted role as its lead host. According to the Friends actor, he wanted to spend more time with his family, so he decided to quit hosting, at least for the time being. However, LeBlanc changed his mind when he discovered the identities of the new hosts who were set to take over the show.

LeBlanc also got convinced to return to the said show after receiving hundreds of fan mails pleading him not to go.

LeBlanc was convinced to return to the show after receiving hundreds of fan mails pleading him to do so

According to the Friends actor, he’s concerned about Andrew “Freddie” Flintoff and Paddy McGuinness’ general (or lack thereof) knowledge about cars. LeBlanc also realized that he’s still very much attached to the show and his vast knowledge and expertise can make Top Gear a lot better than it was without him.

Other Factors

LeBlanc with his co-hosts Harris and Reid in a Top Gear segment

LeBlanc also realized that his partnership with Harris, and Reid was far more popular than the new hosting panel which was driving the show’s rating even lower. He came to this conclusion after he saw their early edited film segments.

Most of all, LeBlanc found it hard to break his fans’ hearts after receiving an overwhelming number of pleas and messages, begging him not to give up on Top Gear.

The Negotiations

These factors prompted LeBlanc to contact the Top Gear producers and told them he had a change of heart. The management was reportedly delighted about his decision, and they immediately initiated backdoor negotiations to get him back on the show. According to sources, LeBlanc inked a new contract for a staggering $4.3 million per year.

While BBC has yet to decide whether or not to release the new season without the renowned American actor, fans are eagerly anticipating LeBlanc’s first episode as the returning lead host that is likely to air on April 1, 2020.

Meanwhile, Chris Harris, the current show’s host said he was not aware of LeBlanc’s change of heart or of any secret negotiations that were taking place. The same is true for Rory Reid, who said that he hadn’t heard anything about LeBlanc’s return either, especially since his own time with the show Extra Gear is still uncertain.

The Awaited Announcement

LeBlanc says he couldn't disclose more details about his reported return yet, he's still waiting for BBC to make the official announcement soon.

LeBlanc says he couldn’t disclose more details about his return yet but BBC could make the official announcement soon

Top Gear’s episodes are generally shot live with an audience in the United Kingdom. However, their lead hosts tend to travel the world to shoot different segments. LeBlanc said that while he was filming for the show, he hardly had any time to spend with his family due to these frequent overseas trips. However, he’s now ready to tackle his hectic schedules because he has realized that his passion for cars cannot be given up on.

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