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Here Are The Surprising Ways Your Choice of Wheels Can Make or Break Your Chances at Love

As it turns out, there really are links in people’s car choices and their romantic lives. According to a study done by automotive pricing and information website TrueCar, one’s vehicle-related decisions can actually push away or attract certain kinds of potential partners.

Car Preferences & A Partner’s Qualities

It was found that drivers with black vehicles, in general, tend to be more responsible with their finances, a trait that’s attractive for a potential partner

One of the study’s most interesting findings has something to do with a person’s financial stability and tendency to resort to road rage as shown by the kind of car they drive. Apparently, those who drive a black colored sports car were deemed to be the most financially secure partner.

Meanwhile, gold-colored crossover SUV drivers were found to be the least likely to be angry on the road. Least likely to cheat are people who own a hybrid or electric car. As for those to avoid, TrueCar pointed out people who drive green coupes, silver and gold hatchbacks or white sports cars.

The Meaning Behind Car Modifications

Both men and women said that they’re attracted to partners who have hobby bumper stickers on their vehicles

Modifications and accessories can mean any additional thing a car owner adds onto their vehicle whether to increase performance or improve the car’s looks. In general, the people polled by TrueCar seemed to be quite indifferent when it comes to audio-related modifications and features.

In fact, 45.2% said they didn’t really care much whether the car’s sound system was functional at all while a whopping 77.6% said they didn’t mind that a partner’s vehicle did not have an auxiliary port.

The same can be said when it comes to features like ride-sharing service sign, bumper stickers, and spoilers. In fact, a good majority of the surveyed participants admitted that they were indifferent towards ‘almost everything else imaginable’. It’s worth noting though that 62.5% did express disdain for male hitch accessories in cars.

TrueCar also differentiated between the two genders’ modification preferences. Men were found to be attracted to partners with things like specialty paint jobs, holiday decorations, and spoilers. Meanwhile, women said they like almost the same modifications with the addition of ride-sharing service signs.

Relationship Red Lights

More than half said that they don’t mind minor problems like dents, chipped paint or roll up car windows

Still, TrueCar found that the physical condition of one’s car affects a potential partner’s perception of them. Around 70.8% of the polled people said that they’re not likely to go out with someone whose car has no airbags or broken seatbelts while 62.3% said they probably won’t date people with missing bumpers.

Other turn-offs are broken taillights, windows, and side mirrors. While men minded broken features most when considering a second date, women focused on the lack of safety features on their date’s car aside from the reasons mentioned earlier.

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