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Two Women Arrested in Arizona for Vandalizing a Tempe Mosque

In the heart of Arizona, trouble is brewing for ladies Tahnee Gonzales and Elizabeth Dauenhauer for the act of vandalism and theft of a Tempe mosque. The thorough investigation carried out revealed that the two women in question, together with three children, had trespassed on property owned by the Islamic Community Center. The incident occurred earlier this month. In fact, the suspects had even posted videos of the event on Facebook live!

Gonzales and Dauenhauer were seen discussing in the car before proceeding to vandalize the mosque together with the three children

Thankfully, the two women were duly booked in a Tempe Jail, and are further set to have a variety of hate crime violations charged against them.

Live in Action

From the Facebook footage they posted, the women could be seen seated in a car, with Miss Gonzales taking the passenger seat and actively narrating the next steps of the forthcoming plan. As per Gonzales, the plan was to ‘expose the mosque,’ while the three children, together with Dauenhauer, listened intently (Dauenhauer was in the driver’s seat).

The women then arrived at the mosque and started stealing a myriad of materials that were present in the outdoor hallway, just after ripping flyers that were perched on the bulletin board. And during the whole process, the women were actively commending the children for the burglary!

The children were then observed traversing the mosque’s funeral van. In the meantime, one of the women began cautioning a boy about the ‘dead Muslims’ and ‘goats’ amongst other profanities, which had initially been kept in the truck as storage.

In fact, during the whole video, the women could be seen and heard pushing their kids to use Islamophobic and racial slurs.

Social Media as a weapon of racial hate

The content becomes so perverse that at one point, one of the small girls could be heard cautioning the boys that Muslims were going to defile them.

In terms of utilizing social media to spread the video, Gonzales did not stop at Facebook alone. In fact, she even reposted the video on quite a number of her social accounts, as well as on a Facebook Page using the fake name Naui Ocelot. The video accumulated a whopping 10,000 views! Perhaps due to the social media backlash, Dauenhauer has already deleted her Facebook account.

The fact that Gonzales posted the video on her Facebook accounts truly shows that she felt she was doing the right thing and spreading an important message to people around

The video truly stunned the Muslim world and the Muslim community in Tempe in particular after they viewed the horrendous footage. In fact, the two ladies received plenty of backlash from civil rights organizations that vehemently condemned the disgusting scenes.

Imran Siddiqi, who is the current executive director of CAIR, was happy with the swift arrest of the individuals after the viewing the racial slurs and the vandalism on the video. They were happy that the Tempe Police department had propelled their circumstance into a high priority case.

The depressing truth

This case sheds light on the negative racial behavior that children are exposed to at such a young age, leading to their ultimate corruption

In fact, after the Facebook posts had been posted by the assailants of March 4, the Islamic Community Center swiftly went to the police and delivered the substantial evidence to them after 2 days.

In a statement, the acting Imam at the Tempe Center, Ahmad Al-Akoum said that the thing that disturbed the most with the video was not the vandalism itself, rather seeing the kind of corruption that those young children were being exposed to. It truly hurt to see innocent 6-year-old kids learning to spew hate from their parents!

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