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Warning Signs about Your Health that Your Chapped Lips Could Be Telling You

According to various studies, everyone’s body is different, and being aware of your own physiology means that you can easily recognize signs your body might try to communicate to you. As it seems, both your tongue and your lips try to send messages to you, messages that often serve as warnings about your health.

Every person tries to avoid having dry lips. When one’s lips are soft and warm, they automatically look prettier and shinier. This goes both for men and women who want to look attractive. The reasons behind cracked or dry lips vary, and below we’re going to take a look at some of them.

What’s the message your lips are trying to communicate to you?

1. You need to drink more water

You might not know it, but your lips tell a lot about your well-being and shape. As you might have guessed, consuming fewer fluids than you require can greatly damage your health – and lips as well! Sore lips are probably a sign that you need to stay hydrated, either by drinking more water or by eating more fruits and such foods.

2. The Sun can be your ally – or your enemy!

Joshua Zeichner, who serves as the head of cosmetic and clinical studies in Mount Sinai Hospital’s dermatology clinic, shed more light on the case of dry lips. According to the New York-based scientist, too much sun exposure can greatly harm your lips, or even lead to precancerous spots on them, just like any other precancerous spot you might grow on your skin. This mostly affects seniors or fair-skinned people.

Both your lips and your skin need protection from extreme sun exposure.

3. It could be a sign that you need to broaden your nutrition choices

Iron is very important when it comes to skin cell regeneration speed. Consuming foods with less iron can eventually lead to broken skin. Moreover, your lips can greatly benefit from B complex vitamins. More precisely, riboflavin, often called B2, is key for your lip health, and you can easily find it in everyday foods, from cheese and almonds to spinach and eggs.  Niacin, often referred to as B3, can be found in meat, mushrooms, avocado and more. Last but not least, don’t forget to consume foods containing pyridoxine, or B6, like nuts, bananas, fish, and others. Bread and common cereals are also important for your vitamin-B intake.

What many people don’t know is that lip health is also benefited by zinc. Seafood, spinach, beans, cocoa, and meat are some foods that contain high percentages of it.

It’s important to know where to get your vitamins from. While vitamin A is beneficial for your lips and skin, it can be dangerous when consumed in the form of supplements. Taking your vitamin A right from the source is much better, and you can get it by eating carrots, mango, squash, sweet potatoes, and other greens.

4. It can be a sign of another disease

Cracked lips are often a warning of diabetes, as too much glucose in one’s blood can often lead to candida and other fungi-related diseases. On such occasions, you’ll often see the soft and thin skin around your mouth getting dry and red. Those without diabetes may also be experiencing a yeast infection, which can be easily treated with over-the-counter drugs or natural remedies.

5. Dry lips might be a warning of other health dangers

As Zeichner stated, multiple factors can affect your lips, more than the ones mentioned above. For instance, allergies or even chronic syndromes like Crohn’s disease can lead to dry and damaged lips. He urged people to visit a doctor, in case their lips won’t heal with the help of special lip products.

It’s rather usual for people who have certain allergies to have chapped lips, which hardly become smooth or pinkish. In many cases, those people’s lips can also swell, leading to small cuts and cracks. In any case, taking an allergy test will help you find out if your body rejects some ingredients or foods.

As mentioned above, seeing your lips swell can be a warning of poor shape and health. Both Crohn’s disease and food allergies tend to lead to swollen lips. Many people believe that the said disease only brings pain to one’s bowel, but in fact, it can lead to any lymph duct swelling at any point in your body.

Cracked lips can cause severe annoyance, and they can be hard to heal, bringing pain to anyone of us. Surely, peeling away damaged or dry spots won’t make the situation better; in fact, it will only increase the pain. Start by being more selective when it comes to your nutrition. Take some time every day to moisturize your lips and avoid excess sun exposure. Last but not least, never forget to hydrate!

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