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Here’s Something That’ll Take You Down Memory Lane – Most Historic Cars of the ‘90s

Go back in time for a few seconds and relive the memories of the 1990s that were filled with peace of mind and simple dreams. An arcade game with friends, spending a night at the cinema, waiting for an episode of your favorite series, or even trying a new soft drink, oh those were the days! And when talking about the ’90s, how can we miss mentioning the onset of the automotive industry’s revolution.

Some were flashy, some were equipped with horsepower, but most cars of the ’90s had one thing in common – they were built to last. And that’s probably why you can still come across some driving a vintage ’90s car down the road. Now don’t lie; you do turn around and give it a second look, don’t you?!


Wikimedia | The evergreen cars of the 1900s still have the power to make heads turn

Well, enough nostalgia jogs today, let’s get straight to the point. Today we’ve brought to you some of the cars from the 1990s that obsessed people at the time, and continue to do so.

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Nissan 300ZX

According to the American Motor Trend magazine, one of the most famous sports cars from the nineties, the Nissan 300ZX won the title of “the best imported car” at the time of its launch. Nissan’s Z series sports cars were quite popular at the time, and several enhancements were made to them over the years.

McLaren F1

This car maintained its title of “the fastest car in the world” from 1998 until 2005. Did you know that there were parts made of gold inside this case to keep the engine cold?


Robb Report Edit | Among the most iconic cars of the ’90s were the Nissan 300ZX and the McLaren F1

Mercedes-Benz 500E

One of Mercedes’ iconic cars, the 500E, was designed in cooperation with Porsche in 1991, and it came in the form of a super family car with a V8 engine and a power of 322hp, which gave it the performance advantage over most vehicles of its time.

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Lexus LS 400

This was the first car through which the Japanese tried to break the unsaid rule of luxury cars being the prerogative of Europe. It was a comfortable and luxurious car suitable for families as well. Its affordable price distinguished it for many, and at the same time, it offered an impressive performance.

Lamborghini Diablo

The only car presented by Lamborghini in the nineties, the Diablo was launched by the company after the Countach. It enjoyed high performance, as would be expected from a car bearing the golden bull logo.


Bring A Trailer | The Diablo wad the only car presented by Lamborghini in the nineties and it was just a beauty

To wrap it up

In the ’90s, these cars were making a fuss all over the world, especially Europe. That’s probably why the decade was considered the real start of the automotive industry. What’s most impressive, though, is that most of these cars are still bought and sold (as pre-owned vehicles, of course) by automotive enthusiasts and vintage car collectors. Guess some things never lose their charm!

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