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You Won’t Believe These Car Insurance Claims — But They Happened!

Vehicular accidents happen even to the best of drivers. Therefore, a car insurance is essential to cover for such incidents—car repairs and medical bills. After filing a claim with your car insurance company, it goes through a process that leads to a settlement. They investigate about the severity of the case before issuing compensation.

Now, we don’t hear about unbelievable insurance claims every day. Some of these profiled in this article sound crazy.

From a series of bad luck to an ice block falling from the sky, here are some of the craziest insurance claims ever:

 Blame It On The Potato

A poor motorist submitted a claim for a unique accident. She claimed that a potato dislodged from its pack and rolled under her brake pedal, preventing her from slowing down or stopping before she crashed. However, it was never clear if she proved her case or if the insurance covered her damages.


A woman filed a motor insurance claim that a dog that was hanging out in the rear window of another vehicle in front of her barked too loud that it gave her a fright. That made her crash into the vehicle in front. Maybe the dog got bored or just needed some fresh air.

 Camel Kick

A gardener was innocently buying some plants at a nursery. Who would have thought that misfortune would come his way? As he was walking back to his car, he saw a camel passing before it jerked its hind leg inexplicably and kicked his car. It really happened, but the man never saw it coming.

Although the insurance company was indignant about the validity of his claim, he was fortunate enough that a footage was obtained from a local television company that just happened to capture the whole thing.  They were filming something in the vicinity when the camel kicked. 

 Fly Trap

“I crashed the car because I was trying to kill a fly buzzing around my car.” That was the simple explanation submitted for a car insurance claim. We wonder whether the car insurance paid for it? Really! A fly for a car? Talk about a hilarious claim!


On a typical British weather, a driver claimed that a lorry splashed through a large puddle that she had been parked near, which flooded the engine.

Karma has its laws, or so it seems. The day after, a newspaper published an article with a photo of the same car being driven into flood water by a man. This was before it was towed out by a van.

The man was her boyfriend, an uninsured driver. This not only left the lay with an engine to pay for but also an explanation to make to her husband about the man who was driving their car.

 Seaside Foodie

This was filed by a motorist who stated why he had to claim his car insurance. After a successful day of fishing, he found a herd of cows was standing near his vehicle. One particular cow was chewing something, which upon a closer look, turned out to be the car’s windshield wiper. It doesn’t end there! The man also discovered that the herd had scraped off the car’s paint and destroyed the rubber trims. Maybe cows love the salty taste of the vehicle. Don’t forget that the vehicle had been on that coast beach for some time because the owner was a fisherman. However, on that particular day, it was simply irresistible, and the cows couldn’t help but eat it.

 Ice, ice, baby!

A driver was shocked when a large block of ice fell from the sky and landed his two-week-old sports car worth £100k. I would have faint if I were him. The block of ice caused considerable damage to the engine and the bonnet.

Where in heaven did that block come from? Was it from a plane, or did it just come out of nowhere? 

These are just some of the weird insurance claims. A word to the wise: ensure you are protected from these causes of accidents. 

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