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Leading Car Brands Defines Themselves as Luxury Goods Firms

It is almost everyone’s dream to literally own at least one luxury vehicle in their lifetime, they even refer to this as their “dream car”. Most people would set this as a goal such as when they finally manage to purchase their dream car, then that basically means that they have finally made it.

However, research by psychologists explained that people desire for something luxurious is natural but it is considered as irrational. Most people have this desire of buying their dream car as a way of reminding themselves that they actually achieved their goal, that they are now the ones being envied and looked up to. Then again, does the price of the vehicle the only basis for it to be referred to as luxurious?

Experts say that a luxury vehicle tend to have a higher degree of comfort with better overall performance and appearance compared to mainstream vehicle

What Defines A Luxury Vehicle

There are so many luxury car brands out there and people who are literally obsessed with cars would be able to tell that there are just so many luxury cars in the world right now. With the newest technology being applied to almost every new luxury car model, manufacturers continue to produce the most advanced luxury vehicles almost every single year. Most people then wonder how can a car be considered as a luxury car.

Some people believe that luxury vehicles will be known as luxurious if it comes from a known luxury car manufacturer. For years now, car companies such as BMW and Mercedes-Benz, are both known for producing luxury vehicles primarily because of the cars’ high quality performance. They have also been in the auto industry since the 1800s so they have been tested through time and has literally witnessed it all.

Another contributing factor that it will be referred to as a luxury vehicle is obviously the price and how many notable people actually own it. If celebrities actually have a certain vehicle that is also more than hundreds of thousands of dollars then people surely thinks of it as a luxury vehicle. However, the term luxury car always depend on the person since most of them look for the brand and the price most of the time.

Then again, brands who are known for making vehicles that are more budget friendly such as Toyota, Kia, Honda, and more, may also produce a luxury car.
Luxury vehicles typically have that huge impact on the people who see it, especially in a typical environment. They often give that “wow factor” that ordinary cars don’t typically get.

The most expensive street-legal car in the world today is the Koenigsegg CCXR Trevit which cost $4.8 million, but Rolls Royce made an exclusive car for an unnamed client for $13 million

Into the Luxury Goods Firms

Defining luxury cars for leading car manufacturers doesn’t always just mean that they are producing high quality vehicles. They consider themselves as firms that are capable of providing luxurious goods and services to the people. These firms are known to be the ones who are leading the race since most of their vehicles are usually worth more than $200,000, such as Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Bentley, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, and more.

According to the founder of Ferrari, Enzo Ferrari, luxury cars are usually sold for entertainment and not exactly meant to be for transport. That is why he said it is best to sell as many cars as possible but only limiting their production. The more people want it, the less they make it to make it really exclusive. This is why most luxury goods firms have a long waiting list and its exclusivity makes people want it even more. Most of their customers are collectors and know a lot about luxury cars.

Experts believe that luxury goods firms produces something that is considered as a massive investment for some people. The more vintage the car is, the more expensive it is especially if it is very well taken care off. Unlike any other luxury item such as watches, handbags, and more, once they age they are often forgotten unless it is a limited or exclusive item.

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