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Tesla Made Thousands Of Electric Cars Available In Inventory – Here’s Why That’s Important

A significant number of electric cars were made available in Tesla’s warehouses at the end of last year, and it is expected that this would replace the traditional ways of company operations.

There are several differences among other expensive car companies and Tesla Motors, but the most significant of all is the direct-sale technique of the latter. Tesla isn’t comfortable with selling their cars through third-party dealerships.  Just recently, Tesla’s cars were being manufactured in a factory situated in California, which speaks for its unique business model.

Tesla has production-focused plans

Tesla can manufacture 100,000 cars every three months in its Fremont factory and can sell these vehicles to their customers directly. Meanwhile, other car manufacturers make cars in several factories and work with different dealerships to sell their cars to customers. Tesla has production-focused plans to fill its inventory for the North American market, as the time spent on these cars will be lesser than for custom-built rides.

Why is Tesla shutting its operations in North American Markets?

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Tesla has limited its operations or ultimately forced their businesses in the North American markets to shut down. This circumstance is the reason why Tesla’s inventory has been stockpiled with cars at the end of March 2020. Tesla storefronts and their distributors can now easily deliver the vehicles to their customers within days, even though their operations are currently at a stand-still.

What is Tesla’s plan B to sell more cars?

There are dozens of other Tesla manufactured cars found in the markets of the United States. So usually, Tesla uses its marketing channels and stores in the shopping malls to sell their vehicles. However, this scenario isn’t the case anymore as most of the stores and shopping malls have been closed down in North America due to the recent epidemic.

Now, Tesla is trying to boost more sales by applying innovative techniques and making changes in their business model. The company is currently trying to implement a non-co-pilot test drive for its customers in order to sell more cars. There’s also a home delivery option available so that there will no longer be a need for physical contact or to even get out of your house to purchase a car.

Everything can be done online for people who are willing to purchase cars during the pandemic. Tesla Motors will soon update the customers about their new production numbers and the deliveries in the coming weeks.

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