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You Might Have Forgotten About These Celebrities But They Are Still Alive And Glowing

The life of a celebrity is so ‘in your face’ and invasive, that we get to see even the tiniest detail of their lives. The media coverage never stops for them. But then one day when they get older, some of them may plan their retirement or find quieter activities to participate in. They slowly fade from the limelight to the point where you’re not even sure if they’re still around. So here’s a chance to catch up on these famous celebs from the past decades. What’s happening in their lives now? Are they still living rich or hidden away at some senior living community? No need to wonder any longer. Here’s where they are now.

Dolores Hart – 82, Unknown Net Worth

Dolores Hart captured the hearts of many fans in her youth. Her good looks had people catching their breaths! Her big-screen debut was with the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll himself—Elvis Presley! But she was to drop a shocking bombshell on her biggest fans in the ‘60s—she gave up her successful career and joined the Abbey of Regina Laudis, a Connecticut monastery. It’s admirable that she opted to follow a higher calling than to pursue money and fame endlessly. To this very day, Dolores serves her monastic community in the abbey.

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