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These British Stars Entertained Us For Decades And Made A Massive Fortune For Retirement

Jasper Carrott (78) – £50 Million

An actor, comedian, and TV writer, the hilarious Jasper Carrott was born in Birmingham and quickly became a nationwide household name. His birth name is Robert Norman Davis but he is better known by his pen name. The host of the stand-up comedy series “Canned Carrott,” he worked as a writer for productions such as “Cool It” and even starred in a few flicks, including “Jane and the Lost City.”

Nowadays, this ever-busy character is perhaps best known for his recurring TV appearances in popular British shows. In recent years, he was seen in episodes of “Midlands Today,” “Lorraine,” “Birmingham Now,” “The One Show,” “Weekend,” “The Paul O’Grady Show,” and “Golden Balls.”

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