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WWE Superstars – They Were Our Childhood Heroes But Have Moved On To Different Jobs

We may wonder why the WWE remains to be so hugely popular but for all the fans, that question is settled, because it’s so much more than wrestling, or displaying amazing fitness. It involves storylines, heroes, villains, mystery, intrigue, etc. Someone compared professional wrestling to a soap opera with violence, and we guess we may say that, too. Anyway, it is a big deal and that is why we have decided to take a look at some of the greatest names in the world of professional wrestling and let you know what their net worth is as well as what they’ve been up to lately.

Big Show-$20 Million

When he first started his career, he was known as The Giant but is best known by his later ring name, Big Show. This big guy is a seven-time world champion who also tried himself as an actor and appeared in several feature films and TV series. If you’re wondering what he’s been doing lately, then you’ll be glad to know that he didn’t squander his earnings; in fact, he is worth about $20 million. He landed a lead role in the 2010 comedy, Knucklehead.

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