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George Clooney’s Wife Imposed a Motorcycle Ban On Him for THIS Shocking Reason

It’s no secret that the renowned actor George Clooney loves his cars and motorcycles. He often takes his Harley-Davidson bike on vacations because even the thought of being separated from his baby makes him anxious

He loves his prized vehicle to the point that he even featured it on his upcoming show, Catch-22. But before he could wrap up filming for the last season, the unthinkable happened to his Harley Davidson.

Now, Clooney says he’s banned from riding motorcycles permanently. What could be the reason behind this controversial decision and who is responsible for imposing the ban on him?

The Accident

In an interview, the renowned actor George Clooney said got into an unfortunate accident last summer in Italy while he was riding his motorbike. He was simply keeping his lane when a car next to him suddenly tried to overtake him but ended up crashed directly into him. The actor wound up in the hospital as a result of the accident.

Clooney was incredibly grateful because he didn’t sustain any serious injury following the accident

Clooney could still remember the terrifying moment when he was violently hurled against the car’s windshield, the shards of broken glass cutting through his skin before he was flipped in the air and slammed on the unforgiving concrete.

It had to be one of the most painful experiences of the actor’s life, one that left him covered in bruises. Fortunately, he didn’t sustain any injury serious enough to be confined in the hospital.

The Recovery

The accident was reported at 8:15 am, and the police investigation deemed the car driver as the one at fault for not unlawfully cutting through the motorcycle line, putting Clooney’s life in jeopardy.

The famed actor was rushed to the ER at John Paul II Hospital. His wife, Amal, as well as his producing partner, Grant Heslov were by his side during this critical moment of his life.

Amal is only looking out for her husband

Fortunately, he only walked away with a slight trauma to his pelvis and a few scratches and bruises on his arm and leg.

He also underwent an MRI scan to make sure he didn’t sustain injuries or trauma to any of his internal organs. After the doctors gave him clearance, they left the hospital, this time in a car instead of a motorcycle.

A Wake-up Call

Clooney was in Sardinia, Italy back then for the shooting of his upcoming Hulu show, Catch-22. Fortunately, the actor had already successfully finished filming for the show by then and didn’t have to postpone the schedule due to his accident. 

Among the people who were concerned for Clooney’s safety after the accident was Amal Clooney, his wife, who imposed a strict motorcycle ban on him after the incident.

The Ocean's Eleven Star admitted his wife was incredibly upset when she learned about her accident.

The Ocean’s Eleven Star admitted his wife was incredibly upset when she learned about his accident

Clooney confessed how he isn’t allowed to ride two-wheel vehicles ever again for as long as he’s alive. As if that wasn’t enough to break his heart, the wife of Grant Heslov, also imposed the same ban on her husband. The actor admitted he and Grant had messed up badly so they must now face the consequences.

The Anticipated Show

Catch-22 is slated to premiere on Hulu this May 17. The story follows John Yossarian (played by Clooney), an American soldier bombardier stationed off the Mediterranean coast in the 1940s.

Kyle Chandler (who plays Colonel Cathcart) and Christopher Abbott (the main character) joined the cast. The story is told from Yossarian’s perspective.

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