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All You Need to Know About the New CEO of McLaren, Michael Lieters

Effective from July 1st, 2022, McLaren has announced its new CEO, Michael Lieters. Michael Lieters is an experienced guy to step into McLaren as a chief operating officer. He has an in-hand experience with Ferrari as technology boss.

In 2021, Michael stepped down from Ferrari as a leading figure. Along with him, two other influential figures left the Italian brand. The ‘grand resignation’ came after the ‘reverse strategy of Ferrari. The giant automaker had claimed that they were looking to structure “a new stubborn organizational skeleton that will exclusively adhere to the grand goals of Ferrari.”

Car Magazine / Lieters had resigned from Ferrari last year in the wake of the “organizational shift” of the Italian brand.

Michael’s resigned senior employees were the leading chief manufacturing officer Vincenzo Regazzoni and chief brand officer Nicola Boari. Though the giant automaker seemingly ‘lost’ its long-term employees and influential figures, it did not affect them much.

The New CEO of McLaren Has Sheer Experiences Under His Belt

DC Bell / Pexels / Lieters was a long-term ‘Porsche boss’ prior to his inevitable role with Ferrari.

Michael Lieters, who is basically from Germany, has also served at Porsche as well – apart from Ferrari. For a decent amount of time, he had played a key role in the marketing and brand development of Porsche Cayenne – serving as the leading production and development officer.

A statement from McLaren indicates that Lieters will be serving in the technology department of McLaren based in Rotherham. At the same time, he will be supervising and overseeing McLaren’s production and development throughout the region.

Nevertheless, Leiter’s new designation as the CEO of Mclaren comes along with a sweet coincidence. The global auto manufacturer is likely to launch the first-ever series of Woking, McLaren Artura. With the hybrid supercar hitting the market, Michael’s responsibility as the CEO is expected to be crucial. As per the statement from McLaren, the global automaker is “pretty certain that he (Lieters) will exhibit his abundant experience to take the brand to a whole new level.”

What Michael Has to Say As the New CEO of McLaren?

Logo Wic / Michael Lieters is “optimistic to paint an illustrious chapter in the history of McLaren.”

Following the confirmation from McLaren, Michael spoke with correspondents and expressed his excitement. “I am overjoyed and honored to join McLaren as a CEO,” he said hinting that it is “one of the most crucial times for McLaren.” He went on to acknowledge McLaren as a “universally popular auto manufacturer.” Furthermore, he asserts that he will “do his best to maintain and increase that reputation.”

Furthermore, he added by saying “I look forward to growing along with the incredible McLaren team and I am optimistic to paint a new illustrious chapter in the history of McLaren.” Likewise, Michael was hailed by the auto group’s Paul Walsh who was quoted saying: “Michael’s expertise, along with his undying passion will turn out to be a game-changer for McLaren. We welcome him aboard.”

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