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Tesla Out to Revolutionize the Driving Experience with Gear-Less Cars

The manufactures of Tesla know how to break patterns and the barriers of imagination. They go all out with each of their new models, pushing their creativity across all bounds of possibility.

During the grand reveal of the Tesla Model S and X in the year 2021, the company forced the automobile fans into shock when the viewers noted the absence of a gear stalk on the steering column. The new model did have the promised features like the plaid and a model X, however, the absence of a gear stalk took all by surprise. It stole the spotlight in a breeze.

Driving | The classic Tesla Model S

Tesla Brags of the New Model

Tesla itself declared the big change on its official website, boasting of how it has moved more towards automatic driving without the ado of changing gears. Its new yolk-style square steering wheel has been an innovation of its own, and the removal of gear stalk has shifted the ultimate focus of Tesla to a novel driving experience.

The driver must concentrate only on the driving experience without having to bother about gears and speed. The car would decide on its acceleration on its own depending on the obstacles and rush it perceives on the road. Likewise, the navigation map would also help in determining the speed the vehicle assumes.

CNET | Interior design of the Tesla Model X

The Overriding Facility

However, despite the advanced navigation system, the car would make an exception for overriding the system through the touch screen. Your car would learn to navigate based on the routes you adopt, your driving patterns thus, initially, you will be expected to keep a constant eye on the touchscreen to observe your speed and direction before stepping foot on the accelerator.

You may occasionally be required to push on the brake pedal, but it is expected that your new tesla will easily become your driving partner.

Pinterest | The Tesla model X seeks to revolutionize the auto industry

The Touchscreen Indicator

The gear indicator will always observe a prime position on your touchscreen so that you can easily monitor and change your gear even when your touchscreen is busy deploying its other functionalities like displaying navigation maps or playing videos, movies, and much more.

The public is excited about this new development in cars, optimistic that if one gets their hand on a gearless car, they will definitely have a hard time going back to the conventional cars that require you to assert direction. However, whether this model performs well in the real world or not is a mystery yet to be divulged once the Tesla X and S hit the road.

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