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How To File A Claim With Your Car Insurance Provider

What should you be doing when you get involved in a car accident? The first steps you should take is to move your car to one side of the road and ensure that everyone is okay. Next, you should call 911 as you take pictures of both vehicles and then call your car insurance company. Do you know what should happen when your car insurance provider calls you back?

Below are a few tips on how to deal with your car insurance provider.

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“The pedestrian had no idea which direction to go, so I ran him over.”



 Dealing with Your Car Insurance Provider

In most cases, a claims adjuster from the insurance provider will be the first person to call you. He or she may be the insurance provider’s employee or an independent adjuster.  Whoever the person is, expect to be asked the following questions:

  • — Where is your car located?
  • — Is your car damaged?
  • — What are the circumstances of the accident?
  • — Is anyone injured?

Claim adjusters will try to know the location of your car to ensure that it does not accrue storage charges from any tow shop. If it has already been moved to a tow shop, you will be asked to authorize the release of the vehicle, and the insurance company will move it to one of their preferred body shops. This should not be a matter of concern because it will probably save you money.

The insurance adjuster will want to understand the circumstances of the accident and may even demand you to give a recorded statement. You have the right to refuse to give a recorded statement, but you can certainly answer any question asked. You should not withhold any information about injuries either to yourself or another party. Withholding such information may deny you payments for the treatment.

 Your Insurance Company Should Handle the Repairs of Your Car

Generally, insurance companies recommend you to visit one of their preferred shops for the repair. However, you are not compelled to accept their advice. You can choose where you want your car to be repaired. Once you choose the body shop, notify the insurance adjuster, and he/she will discuss the price with the body shop. Should your vehicle require original parts, you should make it clear to the insurance adjuster that you will not accept recycled or used parts on your vehicle. Most importantly, ensure that the insurance adjuster understands your demands.

You are also entitled to a replacement vehicle. In most cases, insurance companies will only pay a maximum of $20-$25 per day. Therefore, consult your insurance provider before choosing a car rental company.

Whether or not you are responsible for the accident, your insurance company should pay for the damages to your car. They should not claim any money from you apart from the deductible specified in the insurance policy.

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Usually, insurance claim adjusters are friendly people and will make all efforts to help you out. Nonetheless, their responsibility is to the insurance provider and not to you. Therefore, be careful when dealing with them.

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