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Best Charities For Donating A Car To

Donating your car to charity is a great way to get rid of your old car while helping fund the programs offered by your favorite nonprofit organization. Most charities don’t handle the vehicle donation process themselves, which costs money and requires a lot of manpower. Instead, they typically contract with a commercial or nonprofit fundraising organization, which handles all of the details, takes a cut of the proceeds, and sends the rest along to the charity.


According to New York-based salvage company Cash Auto Salvage, charities recycle non-working vehicles for their scrap metal and parts, potentially bringing in a few hundred dollars for a charity. But according to vehicle paint meter manufacturers, working vehicles bring in even more. Charities sell them at auction for anywhere from $300 to $3,500 on average.


You may be surprised to discover that there is an abundance of charities that accept automobile donations directly. Some reputable charities that readily accept cars and other motorized vehicles for donation include:

Charity Motors Getty Images | Money might not be able to buy happiness, but giving it away can


Charity Motors is a highly efficient charity that accepts vehicle donations, which they turn around and sell to individuals in need for 50 percent of the fair market value, and they donate a high percentage of the proceeds to the charity of your choice.


If you’re looking for the highest tax deduction, donate your vehicle to Charity Motors to take a deduction that’s worth the fair market value of the car, regardless of the sale price, since they sell the cars at a discount to people in need. If the vehicle is sold at auction with a portion of the proceeds going to charity, you can only take a deduction equal to the actual sale price of the car.

Alzheimer’s Foundation of America

Alzheimer’s Foundation of America/ Google | It’s not the amount that matters but the meaning behind your donation


The Alzheimer’s Foundation of America has joined forces with V-Dac so you can donate your car quickly and easily online. If you have an unwanted car, truck, boat, or RV, you just need to fill out the online form or call 877-999-8322 to arrange for a free pickup anywhere in the United States. The money raised from your vehicle donation will go towards giving support, services, and education to those affected by Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias, as well as funding research for better treatment and a cure.

Cars for CARE

Ccicharlestown/ Getty Images | To give is to invest yourself in the life of someone else


CARE (Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere) is an international nonprofit that provides emergency relief and works to end poverty and achieve social justice. This includes a specific focus on lifting up women and girls around the world. 


When you donate your car, truck, motorcycle, boat, snowmobile, trailer, or RV to its Cars for CARE Vehicle Donation Program, proceeds from the sale go directly toward funding its programs. To donate your vehicle, fill out the online donation form with some basic information about your car or call CARE at 888-755-5452. Car Donation Wizard, a vehicle donation management company, handles the transaction. It schedules a free pickup within 24 to 48 hours.

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