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These Are The Best Cars You Need To See

There are a lot of cars to choose from in the market today. Imagine how it would feel to own your dream car. If you feel that your car is old and want to check out new models, you just made the right click. Best believe that it is worth your time.

Here is a list of top tech cars to choose from:

 2018 Tesla Model 3

The benchmark for upmarket electric vehicles is Tesla. This model aims to bring Tesla into the mainstream category. The vehicle is a small-to-mid-size sedan with a range of at least 215 mi and a price of $35, 000. The price is subject to changes depending on the competition. 

Tesla offers drivetrain choices with one and two- motors, two- and four-wheel-drive capacities of between 40-60 kWh. The CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk says that it will have a built-in Autopilot hardware and could require an upcharge to unlock the functionality. The vehicle comes with steel panels or aluminum body panels. The 2018 Tesla Model 3 has attracted 400,000 orders worldwide. Most of the customers pay a $1,000 refundable deposit, knowing that they have to wait for over a year or more for the delivery.

 2018 Chevrolet Equinox crossover

The complete design makes the Chevrolet Equinox competitive among the best compact SUVs. It is 183 inches long, so it can compete with midsize crossovers.

It is an SUV and not a car that exemplifies many of the trends in 2017. The engine choices include a turbocharged 1.5- 2.0-liter gasoline engine that is attached to the new nine-speed transmission, and 1.6-liter turbo diesel. Both of these are four-cylinder

The car has a wide array of safety gear, with some optional, and some standard. The new features are forward collision warning with a low-speed automatic braking, a lane-keep assist, blind spot detection, four- camera surround vision, a vibrating seat to warn the driver, and a rear cross traffic alert.

 2018 BMW 5 Series

This is the seventh generation of BMW. It is a midsize sedan that adopts the carbon fiber reinforcements in full-size BMW 7. BMW has gone from carbon fiber race cars to the CF body panels in 5 years. It will likely use aluminum panels to shed off the weight.

 2017 Chevrolet Bolt

This vehicle appears to be living up to Chevrolet’s range claims and gets 238 mi based on EPA cycle. Auto writers who got the opportunity to drive it have found that it is possible to drive a 240-mile route along the coastline of California with 30–40 mi. 

 Lexus RX SUV

This car is a best-selling midsize model that grew by about 5 inches from the 2016 redesign to 193 inches.

Lexus provides both the driver and the passengers with a pleasant and quiet ride. It is efficient for a sporty crossover.

 2017 Honda Clarity

This model is a midsize sedan about the size of the accord. It uses gaseous hydrogen to create electricity and propel the Clarity for 300 mi.
It will be released in California and possibly in metro New York City. Honda says that the price will be about $ 60,000, which is roughly the same as what Toyota charges. It will go on sale next year. Honda has not yet offered range estimates. Rest assured that there will be a great difference between 100 and 200 mi.

Hydrogen may become a long-term future fuel for cars. GM, Toyota, and Honda are definitely keeping the flames alive.

 2017 Hyundai Ioniq hybrid

Hyundai, like Honda, is building a vehicle with three means of propulsion. They already have a fuel cell vehicle, but the unique thing about this vehicle is it will offer a hybrid, an electric hybrid, and a plug-in hybrid. It is 176 inches long, a compact car slightly shorter than Hyundai Elantra.

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