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Want to Donate Your Car? These Are the Best Charities to Look Into

Many people are hesitant to let go of their cars (even if they no longer need them). Some individuals, on the other hand, readily donate their cars to charity. Donating your car is one way of getting rid of it without devaluing it. By donating, you will not only be helping someone, but you will also get some tax deduction and fair percentage. Here are the top charity programs through which you can donate your car.

 One Car, One Difference

True to its name, this organization aims to use and give out every car donated to them. They envision to change the world to a better place and uplift people’s lives through the cars donated. One Car, One Difference is an awareness campaign funded and run by Insurance Auto Auctions Donation Division, which is in contact with Boy Scouts of America and the American Red Cross.

Therefore, you can rest assured that your car will be treated well and will be used for emergency responses. This will keep you at ease knowing that your car helps transport those people who are in dire need of transportation services. Aside from that, charities get around 72 percent of the gross proceeds from the sale of a vehicle, which is about as good as it gets.

 Charity Motors

The great thing about Charity Motors is that your donated car will be sold to their market audience at about 50% off, and a high percentage of the profit will be donated to your charity of choice. This gives you the freedom to choose which charity you’re interested in helping. If you are already committed to a particular charity, you can still donate your goods or money through Charity Motors. Aside from that, Charity Motors give you a high tax deduction from your car’s price.  If the vehicle is sold at auction with a portion of the proceeds going to charity, you can only take a deduction equal to the actual sale price of the car.

 Car Donation Wizard

This is a car donation tool provided by a commercial organization called Advanced Remarketing Services. They are in contact with Habitat for Humanity, and they consistently pass about 80% of the profit earned from auctioning your car to their chosen charity. Advanced Remarketing Services is a nationally licensed and highly reputable vehicle dealer, which enables them to save on the costs associated with processing a donation.

 The Arc Vehicle Donation

The Arc is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. They help them catch up with the world and achieve their dreams despite the mishaps and disabilities they have.

If you want to donate your car, we recommend that you contact Melwood, as they’re the ones who carry out the car donation process. What’s great about Melwood is that they only hire people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, allowing them to earn a living and uplift their lives. Therefore, you will be hitting two birds with one stone when you donate your car here. 

Now that you know where you can donate your car, why don’t you go ahead and do it? Instead of selling your car, donate it. The proceeds you will get will not only help you, but it will also help someone in need. In fact, you will be fulfilled to know that a percentage of your money and investment (which is the car) is being used for the welfare of your fellow countrymen.

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