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Hugh Jackman Couldn’t Afford Payments on His First Car, Here’s How Much It Cost


The first car Hugh Jackman had was  bought for AUD$800 but, he was not the sole owner of the car. His mate, Warrick brought half of the money they used in purchasing the car. The car was a lifesaver for the Wolverine actor when he was still in acting school.

There was no rule that Hugh didn’t break while using that car.   The car was full of its personal troubles too because  it was always breaking down.

However, when the car broke down the eight times, both Hugh and Warrick decided to abandon the car and go home.  That was the end of the car because the guys didn’t bother checking the car on the freeway in Perth.  Life got better when he featured as Wolverine, and he ended up as a Brand Ambassador of Audi.

Hugh has some of the most exotic cars in the world since he embraced wealth. The actor has over 50 movies to his credit since he started acting in 1994.  Hugh has not slowed down in acting. He has been giving us great movies that have brought more recognition to him.

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