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Hate Traffic? Then Avoid Driving In These Cities

If you’re planning a trip to explore new and exciting places around the world, you’re probably thinking about every place you’re going to see and explore, the fun activities you have planned, and exotic foods you’re going to try. But when you’re planning a trip, you should also think about the bad things that could happen. One of the many annoying ones would be being stuck in traffic.

 Moscow, Russia

Russia is a country with a beautiful and rich history, and its capital, Moscow, is breathtaking. However, the congestion rate there is 44%. The population is roughly 14 million people, and the number of cars is 4.5 million. The traffic rates vary depending on the time of day, reaching its highest during the night time when it can grow up to 138%.

The worst traffic jams occur during the winter months when the streets get frozen and are filled with snow.

 Los Angeles, United States

The only city from the United States on this list is Los Angeles. It has the worst traffic rate compared to every other U.S. city. Every year, the traffic just keeps getting worse, with the congestion rate reaching 45%.

 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

A popular tourist attraction, mostly because of its carnivals, Brazilian city Rio de Janeiro is at number 8 on the list of the cities with the worst traffic. The congestion rate here is as high as 47%. A report by TomTom index states that the residents spend approximately 100 hours yearly in a traffic jam, which is more than four full days wasted in the traffic.

 Chengdu, China

A great city for tourists who want to see more of China than just Beijing and Shanghai. The city has 3.5 million vehicles. According to TomTom index, the congestion rate in the town of Chengdu is 47%. When compared to the results from the previous year, the traffic has increased by 6%.

 Istanbul, Turkey

With the congestion level at a high 49%, traffic isn’t that high in the morning. However, it reaches its maximum at the evening time. Reports have shown that the drivers spend approximately 125 hours stuck in the city’s traffic each year, which adds up to 5 wasted days.

 Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest, the capital of Romania is a cultural, industrial, and financial center. Nonetheless, it is filled with horrible traffic jams daily. The congestion level is 50%. According to the report, drivers there spend 94 hours stuck in traffic jams annually, which is almost four days in total.

 Chongqing, China

Chongqing is the largest municipality in southwest China, and it has the worst traffic jams in China. The latest reports say the congestion level in Chongqing is 52%. The increase in the congestion level is remarkably due to random and irregular traffic, and people passing roads wherever they feel the need to. A real mess.

 Jakarta, Indonesia

In this city, apart from finding the best attractions, nightlife, and shopping, you will most likely find a lot of traffic jams. The congestion level in this Indonesian city is 58% where the average Jakartan starts and stops in traffic more than 33,000 times in a year. In addition to the inconvenience of the traffic jams, the many vehicles are responsible for 70% pollution of the city.

 Bangkok, Thailand

The second most congested city in the world is the capital and the most populous city in Thailand. It has a congestion level of 61%. Millions of vehicles run through the city every day, even at this moment, with the congestion level reaching to 114% during the evenings.

 Mexico City, Mexico

We end our list with currently the most trafficked city on the list — Mexico City (we cannot say ‘in the world’ since not all the cities in the world were examined in this way). The congestion level in Mexico City is 66%. These days, in Mexico City, drivers spend around 97% extra time in the morning and 94% extra time during the evening to get to their destinations. According to reports, the drivers there spend 219 hours stuck in the city’s traffic each year, which adds up to more than nine days.

If you’re planning a trip to one of these cities, be ready to waste a lot of time in the horrible traffic jams, or be prepared for it – bring a book, or your favorite mobile gadget.

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