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Road Trip Basics: How To Plan A Hassle-Free Adventure

One of the benefits of owning a car is that you have the freedom to travel anywhere as long as you have the time —and gas, of course. Given that the place is traversable by land, you can always plan for an exciting road trip. Going for a road trip has its own advantages, including unwinding while having fun with friends and family.   

Nonetheless, before you hit the road, you need to take some precautions to ensure that you have a smooth and safe travel—you don’t want to deal with unexpected scenarios such as running out of gas or having a flat tire on the way, do you? Therefore, here are the things you need to remember while planning your trip.  

 Plan Your Routes and Stops

Even if you already have a destination in mind,  you need to plan the route to take and the stops to make. This is because some routes are full of traffic while others are unsafe—others are, in fact, impassable. Or is that particular road closed for repair?

You need to consider these factors when you choose your routes for a smooth road trip. Moreover, it is also important to plan the stops to know when to hit the gas station, a convenience store, or even a hostel or lounge should unexpected scenarios happen. While planning for all these, you will find such apps as RoadTrippers and OnTheWay handy. 

 Have a Solid Budget

It is advisable that you take your budget into consideration.  Ensure that you have enough cash for gas, accommodation, food, and other expenses. Also, what fun activities do you want to do when you get to your destination? If you find it difficult to estimate your budget, you can use a travel calculator. This will ensure that you budget for everything. 

 Find Ways to Save Cash

You probably have an estimated budget. Nonetheless, it is still wise to have some extra cash for the entire duration of your trip. After all, if you don’t spend this extra amount, you can save it for your next trip or spend in another on something else. Since the greatest portion of your budget will go to gas, you can reduce your expenses in other things by doing the following things:

  • — Fill up your car a day before you leave. Finding a filling station with the best gas prices will give you a solid start.
  • — Keep the weight of your cargo to the minimum. You need to be creative about how much stuff you can pack to keep your vehicle light. The lighter your ride, the longer she’ll glide.
  • — When it comes to gas, Independent Traveler suggests that you look for an exit with multiple gas stations and tons of fast food chains on the signs. The prices will be lower due to competition. Compare and pick the best option. 
  • — Drive at the speed limit. Avoid aggressive driving to save your gas mileage by up to 5% in town to 33% on the highway.

 Make Sure That Your Car Is Ready

Last but definitely not the least, you need to ensure that your car is up and ready for a road trip. It would be inconveniencing to have your car break down in the middle of nowhere. Remember the acronym BLOWBAG while checking the condition of your vehicle: Brakes, Lights, Oil, Wheels, Battery, Air Pressure, and Gas. Also, make sure to take it for preventive maintenance to ensure that it is in a perfect condition to prevent mishaps along the way. Enjoy your trip!

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