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Why Has Ford Recalled 200,000 Cars in The U.S?

Companies’ recalls are mostly conducted due to safety or quality issues that are relevant to manufacturing or design. The product owners in this regard are notified by email services or letters. The recalls are difficult to manage, but they show how concerned the company is about the customer’s safety.

All You Need To Know About The Recent Recall By Ford

Avinash / Pexels / Ford’s recent massive recall aimed at “ensuring the safety of its customers,” says a spokesperson of Ford US.

The recent recall made by Ford concerns owners of some specific models of cars. The car owners are called to take their cars to the nearest dealer to replace the defective parts of the car. The information and details related to this recall and specific car models are also provided on the official website of the Ford company.

The recall by Ford was made to fix a problem that would stop the brake lights of cars from switching off. This specific recall refers to Ford Fusion and Lincoln MKZ midsize cars from 2014 and 2015. In addition, dealers provide free services for repairing certain cars called by the company.

Harrison / Pexels / You can check if your Ford has a recall through your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN.)

Moreover, it also covers the Mustangs 2015. The registered cars in specific cities are included in this recall. The cities in this regard are Texas, Virginia, Hawaii, Georgia, North Carolina, Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, and South Carolina.

The disintegration of the pedal part occurs due to high temperature and humidity. In this case, lights stay on and confuse other car drivers. It can cause dangerous situations in which a crash can happen. The car’s automatic transmissions allow the driver to shift out of the park gear without applying the brake through the feet. This replacement will be free of cost.

How Will The Dealers Of Ford Deal With The Brake Light Issue

The dealers of the cars will replace the pedal bumpers of the clutch and brake. The owners of the cars will be notified by email and will have to take their cars to a Lincoln or Ford dealer to make sure that the cars don’t slip out of the park.

Sachit / Pexels / According to Ford US, all repairs based on recalls are “absolutely free.”

You can easily find a dealer by checking the official website of Ford, which will inform you about your nearest dealer. As long as the owner’s name is on the list, he will get email notifications for replacement until he does it. You should follow all of them as soon as possible as it concerns your safety.

If your vehicle is repaired in more than two or three days, you can contact the local Ford dealership to have a rental vehicle until your vehicle gets repaired. If you don’t get this option, most of the dealers provide shuttle service to get you where you want to be.

Being in the business for 117 years, the company has always taken care of its customers and their safety. This recall has proved the determination of the company towards its clients.

Summing Up

The recall made by Ford is concerned with the safety of its customers. So, contact your local Ford dealership and remove your name from the listing as soon as you get your email. Safety measures taken in this way should be strictly followed.

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