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Henry Frader: A Citroen Lover

Car collection is a hobby not everyone can afford. Costly hobbies require a long time to surpass a certain level of spirit. Here’s the story of a person named Henri Fraden, who owns 110 Citroen cars. In this blog post, we will take you to the news story of Henry Fraden.

Pinterest / The cars belong to the post-World War 1 era, when Citroen designed military models.

We will go through the brief history of Citroen Car Models. Similarly, Citroen Museum will not be ignored for throwing a quick light. Let’s explore another automation brand.

The Story of Henry Frader and 110 Citroens

Henry Frader has visited all over France to explore the Citroens. The man has collected 110 Citroens up to today’s date. Citroen Museum is the place where all his stock had been placed. Frader prefers low-mileage and unrestored cars by visiting all over France. The time span was not a reflection of the months for this marvelous collection. It took 40 years when Henry collected 110 masterpieces of Citroen from the old ages of the post-World War 1 era. The journey demanded a bundle of patience and dedication to fulfill this unique but expensive desire.

Atmosphere / It took roughly 40 years to develop the inevitable collection of 110 Citroen.

A Brief Look at Citroen Car Models

Citroen is a car automation brand in France. It is famous for its innovative designs and functionality. Stellantis owns the Citroen Automation Brand. Traction Avant was the first model of Citroens. The model revolutionized the automation industry. Its three features were so famous at that time that these specs are still used in the mass-production industry. Its front-wheel driving quality was at the top. Four-wheel independent suspension and unitary body were the other two.

Nonetheless, after the successful launch of Traction Avant, Citroen introduced a number of cars that were upgraded models. The brand has expanded geographically in a number of countries like China, the Czech Republic, Chile, Vietnam, Argentina, Iran, Greece, and many more.

Auto XP / Citroen is a renowned automaker today.

Citroen Museum: The Brand Collection

Citroen Museum is the place for a spectacular collection of the old Citroen Models. From 1919 car models, the museum has 300 vehicles of the Citroen Model. A number of cars that are placed in the museum were used for scenes shot in old Hollywood pictures. The museum is located in Aulnay-Sous-Bois, an area near Paris. However, Citroen Museum is worth a place to visit. From the past to the present, there is a distinct range of vehicles worthy to see. If you are also a Citroen enthusiastic personality, you must visit the place reserving your seat.

Wrap Up

By going through the Citroen models and Citroen museum shortly. It comes to mind why Henry Frader is such an enthusiastic personality in the collection of 100 Citroens. The prototypes of these models can efficiently entice a car lover. So as with Henry Frader. We hope that Henry will explore more models of Citroens in the future.

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