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You Won’t Believe How Many Luxury Cars Brad Pitt is Hiding in His Garage

Sometimes, auto brands offer some of the most stunning and luxurious car models that are exclusively meant for celebrities and the wealthy class. For someone of Brad Pitt’s status, it’s easy to fill up an entire garage with exotic cars that any car enthusiast would love to add to their collection. The Hollywood A-lister has many luxurious rides, yachts, and even private jets to his name, just to make sure that he always travels in style.

In fact, it was on his private plane when a nasty fight broke out between Brad and Angelina which eventually led to their divorce.

These days, Pitt is single and taking his time to mingle with other A-listers including his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston, after the two reunited on her 50th birthday bash. The actor leads a very private life and wants to remain low-key even when he steps out of his house. But thanks to his flashy cars, onlookers always recognize him on the streets.

Recently, news reports started speculating that Brad and Angelina were planning a secret getaway to sort out their differences and end the bitter custody feud. Fans are hoping that the two can come out as a couple once again, although it seems like both estranged parents have closed the chapter of their love story and want to move on with their lives.

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