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BMW Shows Off Displaying a Cinematic 31-Inch Diagonal Screen

There is always technological pressure on high-tech automobile companies. To produce the best technological advancement in their vehicles. However, they try to create a unique selling proposition for their growth and revenue sales in every possible way.

According to Ashok Divakaran (head of connected and autonomous vehicles for Deloitte). Have asserted that there is a massive push in vehicles essentially so that they can deliver unique infotainment in the best possible integrated way. 

Mike / Pexels / In-car entertainment has a growing demand today.  And BMW has got it all.

It’s A Captivating Technological Advancement

He further asserted that, however, an individual integrates fire profoundly in the operations of the vehicles. There is a way of tremendous innovation that cell phones and iPad cannot do so.

For more captivating technological advancement to a wide variety of content offerings. That virtually every automaker has launched. Or the under-developed technology that repeatedly pushed the boundaries of an in-car entertainment process. 

BMW Feature Cinematic Screens

Jae / Pexels / BMW isn’t left behind in the race for in-car entertainment.

Autonomous vehicles such as BMW’s theater screens feature cinematic cinema theater screens. They are expanding from the headliners to give passengers an absorptive in-car viewing experience.

However, activating the systems, which includes the Amazon Fire TV, allows for automatic integration. The Amazon Fire TV system also accompanies the auditory and acoustic experience created by a film composure and an Oscar award-winning Hans Zimmer.

BMW Has A 31 Inches Diagonal Widescreen

On the other hand, BWM asserts that the cinematic viewing experience will be available in future cars’ upcoming models. Including a 31-inch diagonal widescreen display and an 80k resolution, acoustic and sonic sound effects, and lounge-styled rare car seats. The screen itself contains an 8k resolution of generally 8000 x 2000. Can actually play content with 16:9, 21:9, and 32:9 featured audios.

BMW Blog / The screen is a Fire TV device, which is similar to soundbars, sticks, and televisions running Fire OS.

Modern Video Live Streaming Is Featured In The Car

Nonetheless, it’s accessible to modern videos, live-streaming, and other fire television applications. To stream on an in-car 5g connection facility. However, the built-in car has a touchscreen display. The system’s control panel has a touchscreen display, too. And is located into the rear doors of the vehicle.

Furthermore, Nate Pinsley is the divisional head of BMW’s digital product and service. However, she has asserted that the engineers are working diligently on the theater screens, and my mode threatens. They both were challenged to create an in-car theater experience for passengers that went tremendously beyond home theaters. 

However, this reinforces BMW’s commitment towards providing customers with access to the entertainment landscape in cars. They immensely enjoyed the outside views from the car. And believe that there are some opportunities to establish an entertainment experience far beyond this. Of which cell phones and iPods aren’t capable.

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