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Counting Down the Electric Promises We’ve Gotten From Automakers for Upcoming Years

The perky Nissan Leaf hit auto retailers around the US and Japan back in December 2010, and the EV craze has only skyrocketed since then. What followed was a decade of auto-making giants like Tesla, Audi, BMW, and Ford jumping on the EV bandwagon and creating plug-ins of their own. Now, we even have a self-charging hybrid in the form of the Toyota Prius and Kia Niro being commonplace.

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While no automakers, except for Tesla, have devoted the entirety of their performance to producing electric vehicles, the need for environmental sustainability and changing perceptions are largely shoving auto-manufacturers into the right direction. However, only time will tell if the promises are just clever ruses to attract investors or these companies truly have a devotion to playing their part in the betterment of the world.

One thing to bear in mind is that when talking about electric cars, auto-makers refer to EVs, hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and sometimes even hydrogen fuel cell variants. Additionally, if a specific car has both electrified and non-electrified variants, they are counted separately while considering electrification goals.

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Without further ado, let’s get right into it.


Stellantis, a merger of Fiat Chrysler and Groupe PSA, promises to launch 10 electric or hybrid models by late 2021 or early the following year. On the 14th of February this year, General Motors announced its revised Bolt EV and a new Chevrolet Bolt EUV, set to hit the markets in 2022. Additionally, production of GMC Hummer begins in Fall. In 2021 or early the following year, Jaguar Land Rover is set to commence the test of a hydrogen fuel-cell prototype.


Production of the EV F-150, in line with Ford’s commitment to spend $29 billion in the production of self-driving and electric cars, is set to commence in the middle of the year. Mercedes’ EQ brand is also scheduled to receive 10 EVs, along with the electrifying 2022 EQS the automaker recently gave us a glimpse of.


In partnership with GM, Honda EV is scheduled to build a crossover SUV and is rumored to enter production in 2023. Nissan, in light of its plan to sell 1 million electric or hybrid cars per year, will be launching 8 EVs in the same year. Mazda, additionally, also plans on revealing two plug-ins before year-end.


Land Rover is expected to reveal its first all-electric car. In yet another partnership, GM will be collaborating with Acura to commence production on a new EV.


With 30 EVs on the market, General Motors plans on investing $27 billion into EV production throughout the year. Ford does the same with an additional $2 billion. 15 to 25 of BMW’s global revenue to be expedited from EV sales, as laid down as a mission by the company in 2017. Audi prepares to have 30 electric vehicles on the market by this year, 20 of which will be EVs.

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In Essence…

You’ve got a lot to look forward to in terms of auto-vehicles in the next couple of years. Times are changing at an amazing speed, and the EVs, are undoubtedly, coming.

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