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Discover the All New 2023 Porsche Macan EV

Sometimes to thrive in competitive markets, tech giants need to be visionary. And that’s what Porsche is doing in the case of its best-selling model, Macan.


r.classen/Shutterstock | Porsche completes prototyping for the 2023 Macan EV

Recently, the German automobile manufacturer revealed that it was testing prototypes for the electronic version of the 2023 Macan. The model, which will feature a new electric platform, is expected to be better than the Taycan electric sedan and shall hit the market alongside its gas-powered version by the end of 2021.

Though Porsche has not yet disclosed the name of Macan’s electronic models or the life cycle of the upcoming gas models, it’s believed that the EVs sale will play a significant role in deciding the gas model’s presence in the future.

But let’s leave all that to the company and jump to the enthralling features of the Porsche Macan EV.

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A glimpse of the new Porsche Macan

As per reports, Macan EVs will flaunt the Volkswagen group’s advancing Premium Platform Electric (PPE) architecture, while the gas-powered vehicles will come with a preexisting Macan platform. The EVs will share Taycan 800 volts’ superfast chargeable system that allows customers to charge batteries at a maximum of 270 kilowatts.


© Porsche | The Macan will be an EV that will share Taycan 800 volts’ superfast chargeable system

Within a short span of 22.5 minutes, this system boosts the battery charge from 5% to 80%. What’s more, as per Porsche’s latest plans, the models might enter the market with two different battery sizes. Since most of Porsche’s North American buyers prefer large batteries, the company might provide a common battery size across the USA and two battery sizes to the rest of the world. Currently, Macan models from base to GTS boast either a turbocharged four-cylinder engine or a V-6 engine.

Porsche’s claim regarding Macan models having a higher range than the Taycan models indicates that the company might increase the EPA range in the upcoming models to more than Taycan’s 4S models, which have an estimated EPA range of 227 miles. Honestly, it’s a much-needed move to compete with rivals, Tesla Model Y and the Ford Mustang Mach-E, which have EPA range ratings of more than 300 miles. Moreover, Porsche is also figuring out ways to grow its partnership with Electrify America, a fast-charging network for EVs in the United States.

Porche’s board member comments on the upcoming models

Recently, Porsche’s executive board member for development, Michael Steiner, shared some insights about the upcoming Macan. Referring to the already existing models, he said the new Macans would look quite different.


© Porsche | As per reports, the new Macan models have a slimmer headlight and come without grilles which are present in most gas-powered models

Hinting towards visual differences, Steiner said that the new Macan models have a slimmer headlight and come without grilles which are present in most gas-powered models. He also revealed that both the gas-powered vehicle and the electronic vehicle are similar in shape and size to the Taycan crossover.

Steiner even confirmed that the Macan model’s propulsion sound would be the same as the Taycan models.

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